Act 4: Chapter 5 on Insane Difficulty

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Fuck. This. Game.

I just spent the past hour trying to get through this section. I quit. I'm going to bed now.

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That's the only part I had quite a bit of trouble with on Hardcore, so yeah, I imagine it's pretty hard on Insane.

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@familyphotoshoot said:

Fuck. This. Game.

I just spent the past hour trying to get through this section. I quit. I'm going to bed now.

I hear ya. I tried from over an hour today trying to beat the last part of "Brothers To the End" chapter on Insane.

Playing this game on Insane is the most frustrating thing I have ever put myself through.

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I finished up Act 1 on insane and told to myself: why are you doing this?  Insane is so unfun like the opposite a videogame should be

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Those Gunker's and Armored Kantus's are mother fuckers...

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This game is beyond broken on insane, I imagine it's not that bad with 3 human players, but playing solo is infuriating. The last boss is complete bullshit, you are literally tasked with killing every single enemy yourself. I am very disappointed with how lazy their attempt at insane mode has been this time around. 

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I did the Marcus/Dom part of act 1 on insane yesterday, that alone took me like an hour. There were definitely parts when playing on hardcore that I played and I was like, "this is going to be a bitch later on." The end of Act 4 Chapter 5 was one of those parts.

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Is it as hard as past gears games on Insane? I think I'm at the end of Act 1 and the have only found one or two parts difficult. Also, fuck Gunkers.

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As co op becomes a bigger and bigger thing developers really need to look at difficulty settings and rethink them. 
4 difficulty settings that don't scale depending on number of players/ performance in a game that supports up to 4 players seems stupid. Insane with 4 players should be just as hard as insane with one person. You lose the whole "Ima get my friend to help with this difficult bit" but eh. More and more difficulty options. Bastion was pretty interesting with how it handled it and Gears even has a very similar system with the mutators. Maybe if they built on that and removed difficulty options altogether leaving the player to decide how to have the difficulty very specifically would be a better way of doing it. 
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