Can this be right? (Regarding pricing)

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I suddenly wanted to get Gears of War 3, while I managed to wait till last year before I bought Gears 2. So I checked my "local" online retailers here in Norway, to see what would be the best deal.

I can get it for 299 NOK (53 USD) online, and I also think that is the price on Xbox Games On Demand. So that is fine, as 360 games usually cost around 399 (70 USD) to 449 (79 USD) here.

Then I found the Limited Edition, which sells for around 500 (88 USD). But I felt it didn't contain that much I wanted, so I am going to skip that. So I think to myself "if I am going to buy this, it will be the normal version then. Oh wait, what's this?"

Que the Epic Edition, with statues and flags and other cool shit I am always gobbling up. Of course this will be expensive, and sure enough. 999 (175 USD) is the price at one place, and I see it is around 100 USD (570 NOK) on Amazon, and that is before shipping, which would put it at about the same price. But one store has a different price. A price which prompted me to make this thread, and ask you duders if I should just order this as fast as hell.

You see, one store sells the Epic Edition for 447 (78 USD). That is with shipping.

So I ask you; as a fan of the games and a fan of game-swag, should I get the Epic Edition for that bargain of a price? Or am I just tossing out money, which I could rather save to maybe buy a second game this month?

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If you are a fan of the franchise then I wholeheartedly recommend it. The set is very nicely put together and a nice way to send off the series (at least the series as we know it).

If I get time later I might be able to take some pictures, but anyway, you should buy it!!!

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