DLC code in box?

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Is there any type of DLC code that comes in the box that I would be missing out on if I get it used?

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There is no Online pass, of that's what you mean.

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@Geo7877 said:

There is no Online pass, of that's what you mean.

Okay thank you! Yeah I just wanted to know if I would be missing anything major if I got it used.

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Yeah, I got it used, I was surprised to find that out. Seeing as how Gears 2 was one of the games to start the online pass type thing.

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gears 2 do not need online pass, and didnt started it, i think it was tiger woods 11 who started it.

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Gears 3 has a season pass you can purchase to download 4 of the DLC packs at a discount, similar to the All Fronts bundle from Gears 2. You don't need a separate pass to play online à la EA.

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Nope GOW3 had no codes in box. GOW2 had a code for some GOW1 maps to be playable, but 3 did not do anything like this.

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The collector's edition comes with DLC codes for weapon skins and a playable character but the normal edition doesn't, it might come with some sweet stickers though.

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You get a sheet of stickers if you buy it new!

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