Gears 3 glitch?

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Well, last night i thought id play some Gears 3 and try the Insane difficulty. I also wanted to try the other modes so thought id try the arcade mode. So i jumped online and found a public match that was in the first act. I jaoined just as you find the first gunker and as expected died a few times.

We got to the bridge and im not sure when it happened or how, but i thought whoever was hosting had knocked down the difficulty as i had not died for a few minutes.

I then realized that i couldnt die. even getting chainsawed by an enemy, would show the animation, and then pop the "assape died" but id still be standing there and able to chainsaw them straight back.

So, the lambent berserker, no problem, walked though his emulsion and took him out, big ass corpser, piece of piss, end boss fight, didnt die once. lol

So because of this i went though the whole campaign again, and fudge me, i got a few of ribbons, i got 100 lumberjack ones just on this play though (Chainsaw 3 guys in a row).

The only time i did die once this glitch had kicked in was one the island when i got in a silverback. But i respawned, and again couldnt die again.

So anyone else heard of this? Looked online and couldnt see anything about it. Was kind of worries that the numerous people who joined the game would report me as some sort of hacker too. Chances of this?

So bacsically i went through insane and died about 8 times only. lol
#2 Posted by NTM (7697 posts) -

@Buttmonk3y: Just looking around for one sec. Was this it?

#3 Posted by Buttmonk3y (137 posts) -

Didnt even think to look on YT. Yeah thats the one.

#4 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3137 posts) -

That would have been nice to know before I went through on insane.

#5 Posted by Buttmonk3y (137 posts) -

lol, yeah. No idea how or why it happened though.

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