Gears 3 secret boss battle. A giant fire breathing WHAT?

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Hahaha, what the hell? It's like an easter egg you'd fine a few generations ago. That's pretty awesome. Is this well known? Because I haven't seen anything about it.
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That video would be so much better without the voice chat.

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You can also get a gun called the Cluckshot. A boomshot that shoots out chickens.

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My fucking ears!
That's awesome tho, chickens are evil!

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Awesome. They come up with some great easter eggs.

Now who wants toast?!

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@benjaebe said:

Awesome. They come up with some great easter eggs.

Now who wants toast?!

I liek em crispy.

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Well, I watched it muted. I thought it was pretty cool and very unexpected. Lame though, that you can't even aim at it.

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@benjaebe said:

Awesome. They come up with some great easter eggs.

Now who wants toast?!

YEEEEEEEEEHAAAW Creeper was also pretty rad.
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Well, at least there was a major spoiler as a title for a related video :(

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fable 3 reference?

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That was awesome, but such a terrible video.

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how do people find this shit lol

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Okay, that's great.

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Ugh, that kid's voice.

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Muuuuch better video.

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As always, mute to avoid the special ed commentary you didn't watch the video for.

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