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#1 Edited by Atomasist (2818 posts) -

Welcome to the Gears of War 3 Giant Bomb Community Thread Thing!

Community Game Night

Please send a friend request to GBG3 Game Night if you would like to partake in a game night.

Also check out Community Game Night Thread for all the latest info.

How To Find Games

The gamertags below will still stay open, but if you want to play with other users please make sure to send it to the GBG3 Game Nightgamertag.

Send a friend request to GB Gears GT2 as the original GiantBomb Gears account has reached the max friend limit.

From the friends list you will be able to see other GB users and send out invites easily. Just make sure to set your party to public if you are not direct friends with anyone on the list.

I have removed the giant user list from this page as it was taking up too much space. So if you would like to see the list Please check out the GB Community Guide!

I'll still update the info on the list, so if you would like to be added just post your info.

New or Need Help In Gears 3 Multiplayer?

Check out Afros Guide To Sucking Less At Gears of War 3 Multiplayer.


Thank IkariNoTekken for the awesome banner and organizing the game night.

#2 Posted by JokerFrown (307 posts) -

I added as a friend.

GB Username: JokerFrown

Gamertag: Joker Frown

Mic: Varies

Favorite Mode: TDM

Timezone: Pacific

#3 Posted by wefwefasdf (6729 posts) -

Count me in!

GT: Spiegel Mirror

Mic: Yes!

Preferred Game Mode: None

Timezone: Central

#4 Posted by Springfart (339 posts) -

GT: Extra Squeezy

Mic: Yes!

Preferred Game Mode: None

#5 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -

GT: Shaughtzer
Also I have a mic.
I don't know what this game is what is going on

#6 Posted by MetalMoog (908 posts) -

Thread for this already exists here. Might want to combine the names on both of these somehow.

#7 Posted by SHHADOWW (47 posts) -


Mic: Yes!

Preferred Game Mode: None

#8 Posted by Atomasist (2818 posts) -

Just updated everything. 
Also is anyone interested in a game night?

#9 Posted by Burns09 (340 posts) -

GT: Burnsx0r 
Mic: Yerp
Time Zone: Eastern

#10 Posted by jacksmedulla (280 posts) -

I'm down.

GT: royalewcheese20

mic: Yes

Time Zone: Pacific

Preferred Game Mode: None

#11 Posted by benjaebe (2783 posts) -

GT: Benicillin

Mic: Sure

TZ: Eastern

Don't care about the game mode.

#12 Edited by DazzHardy (762 posts) -

GB Name: DazzHardy

Gamertag: DazzHardy

Mic: No

Preferred Game Mode: TDM

Time Zone: GMT

I work till Midnight, so I have weird ass sleep times, yay

#13 Edited by myketuna (1725 posts) -

I am down until October 24 when my Live subscription expires or until my pre-slim 360 RRODs (I feel it coming). After that, I will go dark until I can afford one of the new slims and a live subscription. But until then...

GT: myketuna

Mic: Yep

TZ: Central

Pref. Game Mode: I don't really care about the game mode, but I'm currently trying to get through the campaign, so co-op would be nice. I'm on Act 2. ...Been a busy school week.

#14 Posted by Sauson (561 posts) -

I'm in

GT: R E D E E M 3 R

Mic: Yes

Timezone: Eastern

Preferred game mode: Any

#15 Posted by natetodamax (19212 posts) -

I'm down for this!

GT: iTz LuchaDeer

Mic: Yes

Timezone: Eastern

I guess King Of The Hill is my favorite but I'll play anything.

#16 Posted by HayFourZee (362 posts) -

GT: Hay Four Zee

Mic: yes

Timezone: Eastern

Pref. Game Mode: TDM

#17 Posted by Bloodfarts (63 posts) -

GT: Miles Deep

Mic: Yep

Time Zone: Pacific

Preferred Modes: Horde or Capture the Leader, but down for whatever

I play for fun.

#18 Posted by Atomasist (2818 posts) -

Okay just updated everything again. Remember to send a friend request to GiantBomb Gears for easy game finding.

#19 Posted by RobotHamster (4175 posts) -

I'm definitely in, I just don't have Live Gold now but I'll get it soon. Would definitely love to have a full party for horde, multiplayer and campaign.

GT: CubanMissile33

Mic: Yes

Preferred Game Mode: None

Timezone: Eastern

#20 Posted by dubs (43 posts) -

Totally in:

GT: duberto

Mic: varies

Preferred Game Mode: pretty much all

Timezone: Central

#21 Posted by Afroman269 (7387 posts) -

Gamertag: Big Daddy Afro

Mic: Yes

No game mode preference

Timezone: Eastern.

#22 Edited by RussianDrink (117 posts) -

YES. I just sent a friend request. I have a weird schedule. Also, duders, I just sent a friend request to all of you (and everyone in the other thread as well).

GT: Russian Drink

Mic: Yes

Timezone: Pacific

Pref. Game Mode: Horde

#23 Posted by left4doof (286 posts) -

Gamertag: Left 4 doof mic: yes Timezone : cest ( in germany)

#24 Posted by mastrbiggy (229 posts) -

I'll play

GT: mastrbiggy

Mic: Yes

Game Mode: Anything

Timezone: PST

#25 Posted by myketuna (1725 posts) -

I'm just replying to say my preferred mode is officially Campaign, so if you could change it in the first post @Atomasist, that'd be cool. If anyone needs an extra dude that's not a bot, I'm your guy. But I'll play any mode really.

#26 Posted by Stahlbrand (838 posts) -

I need GoW3 playing friends

GT: Stahlbrand

Mic: Yes

Game: KotH, CTL, Horde

Timezone: EST

#27 Posted by JokerFrown (307 posts) -

@Atomasist: You need to change my gamertag in the list. Theres a space in it between Joker and Frown. =D

#28 Posted by GaspoweR (3177 posts) -

A game night would be awesome!

Already PM'd you my info, good sir.

#29 Posted by myketuna (1725 posts) -

Oh yeah, I forgot to answer the questions in the OP. Friday, or any other day of the weekend, works for me. But Friday would probably be best since I don't have class on Fridays. And barring any crazy project/paper I have to get done for Monday, I can be on anytime for as late as you guys want to go.

#30 Posted by datarez (558 posts) -

I'd say a weeknight for a game night, I'm usually out on the weekend nights.

GT: datarez

Mic: Yes

Preferred Game Mode: Any

Timezone: Central

#31 Posted by Atomasist (2818 posts) -

Updated everything.

@JokerFrown: @myketuna: Apologies and fixed!

#32 Posted by theMixxer (41 posts) -

GB Username: theMixxer

Gamertag: theMixxer

Mic: Yes

Preferred Game Mode: Any

Time Zone: Central

#33 Posted by Option (34 posts) -

GT: Option

Mic: Yes

Game Mode: Any

Timezone: Central

#34 Posted by Zombaholic (54 posts) -

I would like to play video games too guys!

Gamertag: Zombaholic

Mic: Yes

Game Mode: Any, but I love me some Hoard mode

Timezone: Central

#35 Posted by Swoxx (3003 posts) -

Cool, hope you guys get something great going here!

#36 Posted by Rudeboy217 (1769 posts) -

I am down!

GT: tumadre217

Mic: Yes!

Preferred Game Mode: None

Timezone: Pacific

#37 Posted by JokerFrown (307 posts) -

@Atomasist: Gracias Senior.

#38 Posted by Atomasist (2818 posts) -

Is anyone interested in some pre-TNT games tonight? So like around 6PM EST?

#39 Posted by CL60 (16906 posts) -

Gamertag: Crossknive

Mic: Sometimes, I usually don't have it plugged in.

Preferred game mode: None

Timezone: ADT

#40 Posted by Consaw (252 posts) -

Im In. Im not that great yet, but what I lack in skill I make up for in moxie.

Gamertag: Consaw

Mic: I've got one.

Preferred game mode. Any

Timezone: Central

#41 Posted by Slayeric (263 posts) -

GB Username: Slayeric

Gamertag: Slayeric

Mic: Varies

Favorite Mode: Any

Timezone: Pacific

#42 Posted by Crono11 (1650 posts) -

GT: Crono11

Mic: Yes

Any game mode


#43 Posted by SpudBug (632 posts) -


GT: JerBeep

i'll play anything, central time zone.

#44 Posted by hurtfulmadmax (72 posts) -

Great idea:

Gamertag: HurtfulMadMax

Mic: Yes

Pacific Standard Time

Favorite Mode: Any

#45 Edited by Meteor_VII (125 posts) -

GT: Meteor VII 
Mic: Yes
Timezone: Eastern
Up for anything but I will say I am not great at versus ... a middle of the pack type of person

#46 Posted by CactusJack (143 posts) -


Xbox Live: CactusJack

Mic: yes

Preferred Game type: none

Time Zone: Central

#47 Posted by BraveToaster (12589 posts) -

GT: Flaccid Toaster 
Mic: Varies 
Preferred Game Mode: Horde 
Time Zone: Eastern

#48 Edited by DonChipotle (2785 posts) -

I am in like Flint for this.

GB Username: DonChipotle

Gamertag: HopeOnFire04

Mic: Yes

Favorite Mode: Execution/Horde/Beast/Anything

Timezone: Central

#49 Posted by Rafaelfc (1382 posts) -

please add me people, I can't get into matches even though my NAT is open and my internet is fine... matchmaking is busted.

Gamertag: NightmareEd

Mic: No (for now, i'm getting one in the future)

favorite mode: all modes

#50 Posted by Slayeric (263 posts) -

I would like to get discussion on what day we pick to do this on. My vote is for Friday. I have kind of an undetermined schedule at the moment. (unemployed, looking for work)

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