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Hey guys, the title says it all really. I'm looking for people interested in seeing how far we can get on Hardcore Horde. Not necessarily to wave 50 (but that would be nice) because this is as much about having fun in Horde for one or two hours, rather than bedding down for the long haul. I'm one of those players who finds Normal difficulty a little slow to get going, with not much of a challenge for the first 20 waves or so. I like a challenge right of the bat, in the first ten waves, particularly when I don't have the time to fight all the way to wave 40-50. I also want to play on the DLC maps and preferrably Fenix Rising because I like new stuff!

I'm aware that Pingu44666 started a similar thread for GB Horde and I don't want to undo his good work in compiling a BG Horde community. However, that thread is now a couple of months old and it's possible some of those guys might have moved on to other games. Second, this is specifically for Hardcore mode.

Add the following GTs if you want to be part of this "community" which plays Hardcore Horde on a regular basis (all DLC highly desirable). We arrange games as and when people are online:






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God speed to you, son.

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I could be tempted, I have the super reload and instagib mutators which make horde a lot more fun. Invite me if you need someone, preferably use mutators. I'm UK timezone if that matters.

GT- WalkerTR77

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I'm UK too.

Gamertag is Jaytow

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Sweet. Add me too, gentlemen. GT: gateht

(edit: also GMT)

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When is this expected to go down? I might be unavailable in the next week or so due to tests cropping up - give me a shout though.

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@WalkerTR77: My intention was to link up a few people who are on Gears a lot and like a challenge from the get-go in Horde, who wanted to play Horde for an hour or two, just whenever there are three or four of us online. I wasn't planning it as an epic half-day "event", as such, but that could happen at the weekend, if we fancied going all the way to wave 50! I will add you and edit the first post with people's GTs.

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I'm always up for some Horde at the weekend! Less time mid-week.

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#9 Posted by WMWA (1223 posts) -

I just got the game this weekend; I'm down.

Gamertag: Wmaustin1337

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