have you ever tried to do the dodge/roll in real life?

#1 Posted by phrali (646 posts) -

is doesn't work and now my fucking shoulder hurts

#2 Posted by DarthOrange (3871 posts) -
#3 Posted by ReyGitano (2467 posts) -

This is how I know that I play too many games.

Sometimes when I'm running in my dreams I'll start rolling instead, either because my legs get tired or I'm not running fast enough.

It's one of those things were at the time of the dream, you feel like a genius; then you wake up and realize what a horrible idea it was.

#4 Posted by TobbRobb (4760 posts) -

Isn't it a regular diveroll? That's not especially hard....

#5 Posted by AssInAss (2678 posts) -

@phrali said:

is doesn't work and now my fucking shoulder hurts

The fuck? How old are you? Do you try wrestling moves on your friends, too?

#6 Posted by Delta_Ass (3282 posts) -

I also don't crouch behind crates and concrete blocks and move side to side like I'm stuck to them.

#7 Posted by phrali (646 posts) -

lots of ass in here

#8 Posted by ch3burashka (5126 posts) -

Hurts like a mofo.

One time when I was like 6, I came up to my dad and was like, 'Hey dad, check this out', and fell flat on my back (akin to Neville Longbottom in HP1, if you need a visual). It hurt like fuck, I'm pretty sure I saw stars, but I said, "That was cool, right?" then ran off to my room to cry from the pain. I guess that's kinda related.

#9 Posted by ComradeKhan (687 posts) -

I have been known to jungle roll when the situation calls for it.

#10 Posted by Vexxan (4623 posts) -

@Delta_Ass said:

No. I also don't crouch behind crates and concrete blocks and move side to side like I'm stuck to them.
#11 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

With that shoulder injury, now you'll have plenty of time to brush up on your grammar.

#12 Posted by jetsetwillie (857 posts) -

wow theirs some really SHIT threads today.

#13 Posted by desolation15 (113 posts) -

I used to dodgeroll like a champ, until I took an... never mind that, work on this before you wreck yourself again.


I can kinda do it, but a former co-worker of mine demonstrated off a 10 feet parking platform onto grass. It was pretty impressive, female witnesses were definitively wet.

#14 Posted by mosespippy (4303 posts) -

@phrali said:

is doesn't work and now my fucking shoulder hurts

We learned gymnastics in grade 4 phys ed. Proper rolling technique would have prevented the injury.

#15 Posted by big_jon (5744 posts) -

Yes, I am good at them, I did them for a half an hour when I was drunk once.

#16 Posted by Atary77 (502 posts) -
#17 Posted by Brodehouse (10104 posts) -

Something about the Gears roll always weirded me out. It's like he gets way too horizontal and the tucks and rolls insanely fast right at the last second. The animation looks kind of borked, but I guess that's a playability thing.

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It works fine. I had to do it for sports (I think my coaches just made us do it because they were jerks and wanted to watch us roll like idiots). But even I, an offensive linemen with the body of...well, an offensive linemen, was able to roll.

#19 Posted by MikeGosot (3227 posts) -

Don't you learn how to roll in EP class?

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If you think that's hard, roll BACKWARDS in Gears of War.  They do the most insane thing a human body can do.
 Also the animation on their rolls are crazy sped-up if you actually think about it.

#21 Posted by fini_fly (767 posts) -

Do a barrel roll?

#22 Posted by SgtSphynx (1496 posts) -

It's a variation of a shoulder roll, and it's easy as fuck with the right technique.

#23 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (3908 posts) -

When it comes to rolls, I myself prefer the Steamroller a la Strange Brew.

#24 Posted by Sumbog (491 posts) -

I have in football before, block a field goal.

#25 Posted by Solidsnak (137 posts) -

if you do it right it doesn't hurt, but you need to maintain forward momentum otherwise gravity will insure that you get hurt.

#26 Posted by Rerejo28 (135 posts) -

I parkour, so yes, I can roll. And if you did it right it wouldn't have hurt at all.

#27 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2726 posts) -

Nope, because I would probably break every damn bone in my body.

#28 Posted by OldGuy (1567 posts) -

...I never dodge away from bready comestibles... now, where's the butter? :-)

#29 Posted by clstirens (847 posts) -

@phrali said:

is doesn't work and now my fucking shoulder hurts

I did a reverse one once when I was almost hit by a truck. I dodge-rolled directly backwards, rolled up into a slight ball, and then hopped onto my feet. I shit you not, I felt so awesome afterwards.

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