Horde mode. Looking for Group. Starting Saturday Morning.

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The whole Bombcast talk about Horde mode makes me really want to play horde mode to wave 50.  I don't have any normal friends that can play so I thought I would turn to my favorite community.  My gamertag is Kyreo and time zone doesn't matter.   
Saturday morning, October 1st.  Let's horde it up. 
Alright so here is the list so far. 
Slot 1 - Me, of course. 
Slot 2 - Slaker117.  
Slot 3 - ricetopher 
Slot 4 - DonChipotle (HopeOnFire) 
Last Slot - Enigma777 
Also, Joey Fameli is gonna make a second group.  Send him a message for details.  

If there is enough for a second group, you guys can hook up.  Or if one of the guys doesnt show up, you can take their spot.

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I'd be down for that.
GT: Slaker117

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if you just want the cheevo i suggest you go farm for the Super Reload mutation.  
 * get 100 kills from Lancer/Retro/Hammer/Gnasher/Sawed-off/Pistol, you can farm this easily with bots*
Makes Horde mode a joke. 
And do it at Overpass. That map is literally shooting fish in a barrel.

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I really just want to spend time with Giant Bomb duders and have a good time.  I don't really care about the achievement.  those I wouldn't mind getting it. 
@Slaker117: I'll add you right now.
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What time are we talking? Cause I would be down if its not too early (I value my sleep)

GT is ricetopher

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@ricetopher: Whenever it starts until whenever we finish.  Let's say 1100 eastern Standard time?
#7 Posted by ricetopher (1077 posts) -

@Kyreo: That works for me

#8 Posted by Kyreo (4683 posts) -

Also, it would be awesome is you guys had mics.  

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Crap. Im'ma be out of the house while you guys are getting started.

If you need a second stringer early in the afternoon though, hit me up: AsherV20. I will totally horde with yous.

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@AsherV20: That's fine.  Just add me and let me know when you get back.
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I've done it once and I'd be down to do it again. HopeOnFire04 is my GT. I'll be on Saturday, or at least try my best to be.

#12 Posted by Kyreo (4683 posts) -
@DonChipotle: Awesome.  Add me if you haven't already.
#13 Posted by Enigma777 (6251 posts) -

Ewwww. Why would I ever want to play with you? 
Also you should send me a FR. 

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@Enigma777: No why don't YOU send ME a friend request; I'm going to bed.
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@Kyreo said:
@Enigma777: No why don't YOU send ME a friend request; I'm going to bed.
Do as you're told or I'll lock you in the closet again!
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I would be down to join in if there is any free space is available. Free all day Saturday. GT is Sam the Samurai; let me know.

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I'm interested, but it looks like you have all the spots filled.

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@ThePaco@Axxol: If there is enough for a second group, you guys can join up.  Or if you show up before one of the other guys, then I don't have anything against starting without them.
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I'll be actually looking to play to 50 on Saturday morning also -- I got a couple guys to play with, and we might need a few more.

gamertag: joeyfameli

#20 Posted by Kyreo (4683 posts) -
@JoeyF: Awesome.  How many guys dyou have lined up?  We Might have enough for a second group.
#21 Posted by LiquidSaiyan3 (506 posts) -

I'd love to do this.

@JoeyF: Just sent you a request

#22 Posted by Paco (125 posts) -
@JoeyF: If you still got room by then, I'll join in. I sent a request, GT is Sam the Samurai.
#23 Posted by AMxKaOtIcDeV (38 posts) -

If anyone is starting a second group count me in, my gamertag is: amxkaoticdev

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#25 Posted by DonChipotle (3095 posts) -

So did I miss the start or has it not yet happened?

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@DonChipotle: I think they were going to start at 11 Eastern, so that was 40 minutes ago?
#27 Posted by Kyreo (4683 posts) -
@DonChipotle: We're starting now actually.  one more slot to fill.
#28 Posted by JoeyF (124 posts) -

@Kyreo: How did you guys do?

Myself, ThePaco, Ferdinand, and two friends did Gridlock on Normal. It took us about 3 hours.

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Anyone playing right now?

I am good to go, GamerTag: Michael N Bach

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will be playing in 10 minutes

GT:der osris

#31 Posted by MichaelBach (944 posts) -

@o5ris: Added

#32 Posted by o5ris (24 posts) -

struggeling with my hs

#33 Posted by Kyreo (4683 posts) -
@JoeyF said:

@Kyreo: How did you guys do?

Myself, ThePaco, Ferdinand, and two friends did Gridlock on Normal. It took us about 3 hours.

We made it to wave 40 and couldn't push on.  It was on normal and on overpass, but the map was too small and it kept throwing Berserkers at us.  It was rough, but we did beat Beast.  So I guess the day was successful.  We'll probably do something again.  Glad to hear you guys did well.
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Thanks for letting me join you guys, that was a lot of fun.

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Made it to lvl 30 with o5ris but I think a couple of guys rage-quit so we couldn't get passed that one, hopefully next time!

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I'll be online around 4 PM EST today, would like to give Horde another shot. GT is ricetopher

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I'm just going to slap up my info because I, too, lack these real friends for playing gears and despise the lack of drive and teamwork in PUGs.

Is it too much to ask that we DON'T just hide in our base the entire first 10 waves? -__-

GT: Senor Pomeroy

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I just sent a bunch of you a message/friend requests (xbox.com was freaking out on me, so you may have gotten it several times, sorry!)

Looking for people to play Horde/Beast with and not decide to disconnect after three waves :)

I'm usually on after 8pm, EST and on the weekends at random times.

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I'm usually up for horde. Eastern time. GT: Burnsx0r

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