I hear Karen Traviss is writing...

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goodbye questionable moralities, and hello morally superior farmers. and perhaps retcons.

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Knowing nothing of the author other than the Comic Con interview I watched with her in a panel about the Halo Universe, she seemed pretty intent in exploring the dark parts of characters, or at least Cortana. Have her previous books/comics lacked moral ambiguity? 
If I didn't know better I would think she would bring even more moral ambiguity, of course, as I said, judging from that sole Comic Con panel.

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my beef is what she did to the mandalorians in the SW universe.  The gist of it is she turned a race of nomadic raiders, slavers, kidnappers conquerors etc, into morraly superior farmers to beat on jedi because of her own personal hatred. look it up she thinks their Nazis /rolleseyes not to count disregarding the EU there. oh and calling anyone who supports Jedi talifans..
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You know, comic book fans seem to take Garth Ennis' (The Boys), Pat Mills' (Marshal Law), and Alan Moore's (Watchmen) deconstruction and/or mocking of superheroes in good grace. Why can't most Star Wars fans? Most of the guys I know who're really into Star Wars fluff dig Traviss' stuff.

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besides the fact that it was canon that the grandmaster of the order didn't know the difference between jedi and sith?
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I wrote a letter to Karen Travis and she replied. I've read all her Republic Commando books. One of them even made me cry, sad I know. But I guess you could say Karen Travis ASK ME ANYTHING!

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If I see one Mandalorian in Gears 3, I'll scream.

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I am not familiar with her stuff.

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@Saseav said:
" goodbye questionable moralities, and hello morally superior farmers. and perhaps retcons. "
As a farmer I'm offended. Farming communitys do have high morales compared to city-slickers.
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no offense to farmers... but that's all her characters are. doesn't matter if they're supposed to be kidnappers,conqueror,slaver, bounty hunters, up for the highest price mercs, they're farmers, they are right, and everyone else is wrong, even when the others are right.
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@Saseav: Yeah, that would be a good enough reason for me.
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@Ninja: I'm glad that you all have such high morale, I bet that persistence helps when it comes to farming. 
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I enjoy her writing in the Gears of War novels.

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