Leatherface x Gears of War Speed Painting

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Check it out "Leatherface x Gears of War" Speed Painting

Im on Gears of War 3 everyday. Join me, GT: Doom CMYK

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I like it, very nice work.

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Yo, that is badass.

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Thank You! I've been trying to get the word out about my vid. Feels great that the Giantbomb community has responded. Thank you so much.

#6 Posted by DoomCMYK (10 posts) -

@IBurningStar: Thank you!

#7 Posted by Intro (1212 posts) -

Great job, amazes me people can put that much detail into pictures like that.

#8 Posted by MetalMoog (909 posts) -

Holy fuck. This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I would buy a print, poster or t shirt of this in an instant!

#9 Posted by advocatefish (366 posts) -

Yes, and Mike Myers used a the Retro Lancer to kill. It's canon.

#10 Posted by DougQuaid (1275 posts) -

Dude that is fucking awesome!

#11 Posted by Ramone (2981 posts) -

Very cool

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It looks like he is ruining the drawing every 10 seconds with random white lines, but then he just blends them in looks amazing.

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@DoomCMYK: Nice painting skills in Photoshop!! Lots of detail, very nicely done.

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