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So, I've been playing Gears a lot, and recently I've noticed a growing problem: the modded controller. This is noticeable most on the hammerburst and snub pistol. I'm not sure how the tech part of it works, but you some how rig your controller so that holding the trigger gives the same result as tapping the button really, really, really fast. And since the hammerburst's rate of fire is based on how many times you press the button, this exploit gives your hammerburst what is essentially turbo mode. This sort of thing also works for the snub pistol.

I don't feel like this is a legitimate way to play the game, I feel like it's cheating, and I feel like it is ruining the experience for those who have to put up with the folks abusing this.

Who else has noticed this sort of thing going on? Does it bother you? Do you do it? If you see it as problematic, how would you go about fixing it? I

think one possible fix is to patch in a set some sort of refractory period between shots and set a maximum rate of fire for the snub and hammerburst.

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@Toxin066: I hate things like that and if people need to use a mod controller to be better they are the type of people I do not want to play games with. They should just remove the weapon.

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They had the same issue in Call of Duty 4 but they just put a maximum rate of fire for the semi-automatic weapons in Modern Warfare 2. It sounds like it should be an easy fix but I wonder if Epic could implement it into a patch?

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I have to say I haven't noticed this and I do play a fair amount of Team Deathmatch. Perhaps I'm not paying enough attention to the weapons that are killing me! Apart from the obvious (ie. checking to see if you keep dying to Hammerburst and Snub) what are the tell tale signs of people using modded controllers with these two guns?

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they put a maximum rate of fire on the guns in gears of war 2. i wonder why they didnt in gears 3.... im sure they will though. but other exploits will be found. those controllers also give perfect active reloads every time. lame.

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