Looking for 4 DLC holders who want to beat a boss on hardcore

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My name is Eugene and I represent the king of Nigeria and have an amazing proposal for you...

I want to try for that 100 point achievement in the new DLC but it requires all 5 players to play as an onyx guard and beat a boss on harcore. I don't know 4 people who have it so I come to you asking to join me on this amazing journey. If you have the DLC and are interested I'm thinking some time friday night or saturday this week or next. Now I have a couple of mutators that could make this much easier than it seems (super reload) but I don't know if we will still get the achievement. I also don't know if just starting on wave 10 works. My GT is dHAWXb, post here or message me on xbawx if interested.

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I'm interested and I can for sure get 1 more person. I'm free Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

gamertag: yindotrunks

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Count me in. GT is LiquidSaiyan3. Pretty sure Friday and Saturday are good for me (Eastern time zone, btw)

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I'm EST as well, does 2pm EST Saturday work? I have 2 friends with the DLC who want to do this as well so that makes 5. Also I'd be
glad to stick around and help more people if anyone else wants to do it.

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Sure, GT: Somekindof FOZY.

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Im in gamertag left 4 doof

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i thought the onyx guards were supposed to be the decoy upgrades

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I haven't downloaded it yet, but I have the season pass. I'd be happy to help with this. GT = your fat uncle

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I'd like to get The Onyx guard and the 2 hosting achievements too. I'm on the east coast and available any Friday or Saturday night and will hang out for as long as it takes for everyone to get them. I also have all the good mutators unlocked.  ;) 
GT - Dad Is A Zombie

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@darkvare: They are, but they're also multiplayer skins

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