No Online Stats Yet?

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#1 Posted by Benjo (106 posts) -

I'm a little shocked that there's not online stat tracking at the launch of this game. It seems a little lazy given the extra time that was given to the development cycle.

One thing we come to expect from popular shooters is robust online tracking of our stats that we can look up in detail when we're not playing the game. I am sure that we will get something great in the coming weeks, but I'm just super surprised that it wasn't ready at game launch.

Anyone else wondering about this?

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#2 Posted by datarez (845 posts) -

I've seem some of the epic people actually wondering about this on twitter as well. I'm guessing the website is more of a microsoft thing.

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#3 Posted by Sitoxity (559 posts) -

I didn't wonder that because they've never done that, and don't need to.

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#4 Posted by datarez (845 posts) -

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