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Hey guys I'm just going to drop a little story. My friend Disarrays started uploading videos to youtube a while back and wasn't getting to many views but was still having a good time making videos and seeing his finished product. Recently Myself and Disarrays partnered up to create a Youtube channel that contained Halo (myself) and Gears content. I quickly got 2 decent videos out there with 100+ views to bring in some Halo viewers and show them that I will be reliable on putting out content. Disarrays thinks that mainly Halo people are coming to our channel so he shouldn't be putting out any Gears content but I think he shouldn't lose track of whats fun for him. So please comment this video saying you play Gears and want to see Commentaries, Gameplays, Montages, Tips and Tricks, etc and Sunscribe if you like!

Thanks Everyone,


tldr - Comment on the Youtube Video Above and Support my Cause

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I don't know how to sunscribe

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Flagged. Advertising your Youtube channel is lazy as hell.

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Nah I'm good

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Come on, son. Hoffman would be disappointed in you...

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Can't advertise your youtube channel on here! Put this on the proper thread! Flagged.

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My bad bros where do I put this at?

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Hey, guys, quit posting to say you flagged a post. You just need to flag and walk away. You're just wasting time otherwise.

@MintuL: YouTube advertising is against the rules here, especially if that was the sole purpose of you joining Giant Bomb. This is the only thread for where YouTube advertising like this is permitted.


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