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Hey guys, I was just wondering something about the season pass - if you buy it do you get all the DLC that is out now? I am getting the game for Christmas so I am interested in getting the season pass for DLC.


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yes, but not the skins... the gun ones that is.

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@Skel: @GunstarRed: Awesome. Did they say anything about how long they will support the game?

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@NekuSakuraba: The Pass is for the first 4 main bits of DLC two of which have been released. The Horde command one and the new RAAM one. As for how long they'll support it, they were adding new modes and XP weekends in Gears 2 right up until 3 was released( possibly still?) I assume they will do the same with the weekly challenges and whatnot.

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@NekuSakuraba said:

@Skel: @GunstarRed: Awesome. Did they say anything about how long they will support the game?

They said the first 4 DLC and 2 are already out, but man jsut in terms of support Epic has been killing it! They have a new gametype or double xp or event almost every day, crazy stuff like Torque Bow Tag which is insanely fun.

Gears 2 had new events right up to the release of Gears 3 so I wouldn't be surprised.

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Yeah, Epic have really knocked it out of the park with free updates already. Ignoring the DLC stuff., they change up the events all the time, which is ace.

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And speaking from personal experience, that DLC's been pretty good. Alright, you kind of need to be a horde junkie to get anything out of the first one (but I am a horde junkie, so whatever), but the RAAM chunk is a damn fine few hours. Just based on those two alone I feel like I've got my money's worth from it already and there's two more to go.

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yes you got all.. and it`s a lot cheaper than buy separate

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i think its just the first four and nothing else. i hope if they keep releasing quality content they sell a season 2 pass, or season pass 2. same offer, but for the new stuff.

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