Spoiler podcast?

#1 Posted by XenoNick (1485 posts) -

Do you guys think there should be/will be a spoiler cast discussing the campaign at all? Seems like everyone at the office is gonna play it. I loved the MW2 and MGS4 spoilers casts.

#2 Posted by afrokola (548 posts) -

I wish that they would do one, I'm super interested in all their opinions on the game. I think we'll hear some of it in this week's podcast, regardless of if they do a spoilercast or not.

#3 Posted by Kanden (132 posts) -

I'd love it as well. Jeff, Brad, and Patrick have for sure beaten it. I don't know about Ryan though.

#4 Posted by Burns09 (340 posts) -

I hope they do one, I mean they did one for mw2 when it came out so if that's eligible so is this.

#5 Posted by Manhattan_Project (2188 posts) -

I doubt it but Rebel FM is doing one next week so you could listen to that.

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