They nerfed the Sawedoff

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doesnt have the same spectrum of blast as before.

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too late. game is dead.

#4 Posted by AnimalFather (1012 posts) -

dead ? its the only MP game i play. mw3 sucks too many openings always getting killed from behind.

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Hyphenate, dude.

#7 Posted by Moody_yeti (384 posts) -

was pretty alive when i last played it like 10 mins ago :3

#8 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Not like I used it or played multiplayer so meh, Horde mode ftw!

#9 Posted by Sooty (8195 posts) -

Too little too late. MATE.

#10 Posted by DeanoXD (651 posts) -

@phrali: i logged into Gears 3 this morning at 5:45 am and found a full game of KoH (no bots) i would not classify the game as dead. I am not huge Gears 3 MP player but there are a lot that are and like hardcore CoD players they are always playing.

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It's been nerfed for a while, since before TU2 I think.

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Yes, this was done before TU2. And it isn't the spread they changed: it's the gibbing distance (the distance from which you can one-shot kill somebody) which is now equal to that of the gnasher. So the gnasher faithful really have nothing to complain about any more. Not that they've stopped whining.

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Excellent good news. This may be a little extreme but they might as well nerf the gnasher a little more while they're at it. As someone who has tried since GeoW1 to get into the multiplayer in more than a passing fancy the sole focus of shotgun combat is both unapproachable and flat out just plain old not fun. Hopped on randomly to discover the "this is my gun" weekend event and it was the most fun I've had in gears multiplayer ever. Lancer vs lancer combat is a hell of a lot more interesting.

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I bet the people who are saying that the MP is dead probably barely even touched the MP when the game launched. There were noticeable drops in players when the big releases hit in November but Gears 3 is still pulling in a decent number of players. I have no problem finding full matches.

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I played some of the special Rifle playlist. The mode proves it - this game would be so much better without any shotguns.

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@sofacitysweetheart: Ya, that's true. I do have a blast ruining people with shotguns but damn you really begin to notice how inexperienced people are in that playlist. It looks like the majority of people solely use the shotgun because most of the matches I joined were filled with people who sucked with the rifles. It was fun running down people with the Lancer and Retro.

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There are still a fair number of people playing the original GRAW online so I doubt a blockbuster game like this would have a dead multiplayer.

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@phrali said:

too late. game is dead.

I have rarely had to wait more than a few seconds to match to a game in any mode other than Beast.

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MP isnt dead. but it has much less people playing than it used to. and ranked matches is basically dead. unless you have a full team of 5. and then youll play the same people pretty often.

oh and most of the modes like execution and warzone are pretty much dead. id say 300 ranked players in a playlist makes it dead.

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noticed the drop off on the capture the leader ranked matches which i played.

Now if i want to play a match i have to go the quick match route :(.

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