Too Short and Easy

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#51 Posted by GeekDown (1170 posts) -

You should have played it on hardcore. I'm glad I did, otherwise I would have probably not liked it as much.

#52 Posted by hbkdx12 (779 posts) -
@Ares42: Honestly i love the bots the way they are. I mean, sure it's easy to have the game go into cruise control if you let it but i much rather that than have it be where the AI seemingly can't kill an enemy that's 5 feet in front of it because it's programmed to suck and let me do all the work. Plus because they're so competent, it feels more like a team even when i'm not playing with real people.
#53 Posted by JerichoBlyth (1044 posts) -

You died on normal....?

#54 Posted by AnimalFather (800 posts) -

@JerichoBlyth said:

You died on normal....?

got chainsawed only times i died.

#55 Posted by udabenshen (178 posts) -

If you think its too easy, raise the difficulty level. You know, because that's the entire purpose of its existence?

#56 Edited by The_Laughing_Man (13629 posts) -

I thought you quit video games.

And what do you mean about fuel. The way you type is confusing and does not contain entire thoughts.

#57 Posted by Lazyaza (2165 posts) -

The campaign was not short at all. I played on normal as well and was very satisfied with the length of it. I'll be going through in co-op once I have more friends who have finished it solo and in the meantime we're having boat loads of fun with horde and beast. Beast especially is incredibly fun, I hope they release more maps/add more monsters in future dlc.

#58 Posted by The_Tolman (429 posts) -

Am I really the only one who agrees with him?

#59 Posted by NickLott (791 posts) -

I took Jeff's advice and played on Hardcore from the beginning and found a very satisfying campaign that could get tricky in a some parts (mostly in act 4) but perfectly doable.

#60 Posted by sesquipedalophobe (183 posts) -

I played it on hardcore first. Insane plays exactly the way I expected it, because I want the angels to take me away.

#61 Posted by JamesKond (232 posts) -

Please people, stop feeding the troll! :(

#62 Posted by WickedFather (1730 posts) -

If you did it on Hardcore one player then you've also made it too easy.  Near indestructable npcs who don't need ammo to get you on your feet and a reduced number of enemies = baaaaad.  The last fight on hardcore on your own is a joke compared to three or more people in co-op.  On your own it's almost as hard as the last boss on GOW2.

#63 Posted by NickL (2246 posts) -


Funniest statement I have read all day, thanks for that OP.

#64 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5135 posts) -

I finished on hardcore and it was too easy, can't say it's too short though.

#65 Posted by NickL (2246 posts) -

@WickedFather said:

If you did it on Hardcore one player then you've also made it too easy. Near indestructable npcs who don't need ammo to get you on your feet and a reduced number of enemies = baaaaad. The last fight on hardcore on your own is a joke compared to three or more people in co-op. On your own it's almost as hard as the last boss on GOW2.

I'm 99% sure the AI yelled that they were out of ammo more then a few times. I didn't go next to them to see if they switched to a new weapon or anything but I'm pretty sure they can (and did) run out of ammo quite a lot. You also forgot to mention the part were the NPCs fucking suck and don't kill shit (in a timely manner at least)

#66 Posted by Intro (1205 posts) -

It was the longest Gears game - Fact

Try Insane, normal is just another casual mode. You don't go down, you just die on Insane.

#67 Posted by RivenD3ll (82 posts) -

No shit it's going to be easy if you're playing on Normal.  Here's an idea, want a challenge, play it on Hardcore or Insane.  That'll last you a good 13-14 hours.

#68 Edited by myketuna (1644 posts) -

Took me awhile on Hardcore and for some reason, the crew I was playing with and I had MAJOR trouble during the final stage. Muthafuckas don't be dyin', son! Took us about an hour and a half to clear the final stage, but we did it.

#69 Posted by 234r2we232 (3181 posts) -


#70 Posted by sesquipedalophobe (183 posts) -

The final boss was a pain. I never swore so much in my life, which should have been an achievement in its own right. Human players do make it easier so long as they don't siphon glory the entire campaign. I had to revive my nephew many times till he realized he just had to stand behind a pillar and avoid the cover system to line up his shots perfectly. My brother-in-law used a shotgun against the queen as he cried "moral support!"

#71 Posted by Branthog (7340 posts) -

I would love to see Too Short and Eazy E in this game. Of course, being dead might make that impossible.

#72 Posted by Whitestripes09 (397 posts) -

Too short? This game took me a good 12 hours to beat on hard. The other 2 games you could beat them both over a weekend. This thread is pointless.

#73 Posted by Sander (409 posts) -

I thought it was way, way too long. I played it on Hard and I did like the challenge though.

#74 Posted by tunaburn (1879 posts) -

dude you died on normal? all 3 games the normal setting is easy. it literally says something about it in the description. if you are a normal game player it reccomends you start with hardcore. and if you want a challenge play on insane. even on hardcore i only died maybe 3 times on each game.

#75 Posted by hollitz (1398 posts) -

I played it on Hardcore and it still wasn't very hard, but I had a much better time with this campaign than any other Gears game. I didn't particularly care for any of the vehicle sections but I had an absolute blast with the last battle. I'm glad that I stuck with this series. I didn't think the first game was special, liked the second one a lot, and adored 3.

#76 Posted by big_jon (5708 posts) -

I am pretty sure that this was the longest game in the trilogy.

#77 Posted by yadavpushkar (1 posts) -

I think making a game "easy" is a good idea, since not everyone is a hardcore player, I myself play games on EASY mode...

I played GOW for the first time but that doesn't matter, i always play games on easy or normal mode because I play games to kill my time and not to stress myself :)

After completing the game if I feel like playing the game again and facing a challenge, then, I go for HARD mode...

#78 Posted by big_jon (5708 posts) -

Who plays a game on the 2nd out of four difficulties then bitches about how easy a game is. WTF?

If you have played the other Gears it is your dumbass who should have upped it to hardcore, the game isn't going to hold your hand.

#79 Posted by davidinwrofy (71 posts) -

So, to summarise:

1. If you thought it was too easy on Normal, you should have played it on Hardcore, which is mildly challenging at times.

2. Insane mode is, well, insanely difficult. Doing Insane solo must be one of gaming's great challenges. So Gears 3 simply cannot be described as easy.

3. Pretty much every poster agrees that the title of this thread, and the first post, is plain wrong!

#80 Posted by jetsetwillie (857 posts) -

it was the opposite for me. i found it way to hard, insane you might say.

although i did start the game on the hardest difficulty... if only there was a way to make it 'easier'

#81 Edited by davidinwrofy (71 posts) -

@jetsetwillie: You know what, I might agree with you there. Hardcore isn't quite hard enough (largely because when you go down the enemy AI hardly ever kills you, so 99% of the time you can rely on getting revived; plus the friendly AI hardly ever dies so needs little protecting), whereas Insane is just too hard (again, this is in no small part down to the fact that you don't go down-but-not-out: you just die). I could have done with something in between! But this is nit-picking with a AAA game.

#82 Posted by gimmysumcowbel (418 posts) -

Ur mom is too short and easy

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