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So I'm interested in comparing and discussing advantages/disadvantages for some of the weapons in versus. Maybe to better understand and use them. I feel like I'm floundering a little bit with them. So i'll type up what I understand so far. (which is probably wrong) I feel like the hammerburst is basically useless in versus, and the game really comes down to using either Shotgun attacks or the weapons that counter shotguns.

Lancer - Seems to be the "balanced" weapon. Average damage, average spread, average rate of fire. The melee attack is instant kill if it connects, but leaves you vulnerable for a time afterwards and takes a moment to start up when the button is held. Fast reload speed.

Retro Lancer - Powerful shots, slower rate of fire, extremely large recoil/bullet spread. Must be fired with large gaps between shots to maintain any accuracy at range. Fast, damaging melee attack, along with a charge attack that I'm not sure how it works. I seem to bounce off of enemies everytime I charge at them. Reload speed slightly slower than the regular lancer, seems to do well against people charging you for close range/shotgun kills.

Hammerburst - semi-auto weapon with zoom and iron sight capability. Damage is above average but still will take most of a clip at distance, if you're not getting headshots. When being shot while in iron sights mode the view shakes, making aiming difficult. Clip size is below average, and reload time is a little bit slower. No special melee. Seems kind of useless. Few of the maps have any open areas that people get themselves into, and you probably won't get enough shots into an enemy before they can duck behind something at a distance. Using it up close just doesn't make sense because of the slower firing speed.

Shotgun - Shorter range high damage weapon. Fires slowly, can do one shot kills and can be used without aiming at close range effectively. Reload speed is fairly quick. Number of shots needed to kill increases quickly with range.

Sawed off shotgun - Single shot, extremely long reload time. Only works at near melee range. Instant kill at melee range, nearly useless at anything else. No special melee.

I haven't had much experience with the weapons you can pick up but maybe people can discuss the weapons you spawn with to better understand and use them.

Also: everybody playing team deathmatch needs to stop playing this like call of duty. Dying hurts your team. It's annoying to sneak around and be careful, and have two guys on your team with 6 deaths each and end up in a situation where you can't respawn/are outnumbered because some idiot thought he could just run around and use the shotgun.

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This thread will almost certainly turn into people complaining about "noobs" who "spam" the SOS. 
A lot of people love the hammerburst but i personally can't stand it.

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Shotgun is still better than the lancer, which is how I like it. That's what Gears MP fun for me.

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I liked how powerful the shotgun was in Gears 1 and 2. They seem to have toned it down a noticable notch. It doesn't feel as forceful.

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Finding i still suck pretty bad at gears multiplayer but i enjoy it none the less. My weapons of choice are the hammerburst and the gnasher.

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I don't want to be a dick and try to derail your thread or anything but I compiled a good list of advice and info on the starter weapons in my blog. Check it out.

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Thanks afroman. You probably know a lot more than I do. I'll check out your thread.

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Sawed-off will probably be toned down somehow. The retro lancer is basically designed to keep the shotgun in check, and I think it works well in that regard. People assuming the shotgun should always beat a rifle from 15 feet and closer are losing their minds over it, though. Retro lancer stops attacking momentum dead.

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Hammerburst is my favorite rifle, it's deadly if you know how to use it right.
Also you can tap the trigger to pretty much double the rate of fire

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i use alot of lancer and retro, they're responsible for a majority of my kills. (most games i go positive) but for shotguns i mostly stick with the sawed off, because i was never that great at the gnasher in previous gears games and thats what drove me away from them, now that i have an alternative and my rifles are actually useful. its alot better.

i dont think the sawed off is overpowered. its got a crazy long reload time, its one shot, and extremely short range. super easy to bait guys into shooting it and then ganking them as they run away to reload. the gnasher can do everything the sawed off can but better if you're good with it and more. easily the better shotgun, it just takes more skill to be good with. the sawed off is a counter to other peoples shotgun battles. when i do use the gnasher against a sawed off guy, i almost always win. i just keep my distance and down him in 2-3 shots rather than rolling in for the oneshot kill.

tactics people tactics!

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I think the sawed off is fine. Usually if you get killed by it you aren't paying attention or someone got the drop on you from behind. At that point it could just as well have been a lancer's chainsaw or a melee attack that killed you.

And also, getting the drop on someone from behind with the sawed off is the best feeling in any game ever. SPLAT!

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How are you guys liking the retro lancer? I find it fun to use, but the exclusion the original lancer seems to be hurting my game quite a bit. The chainsaw's a good lifesaver when you find yourself suddenly surrounded by guys; It's a one hit melee kill, you don't need to have a running start, and it gives you a second or two of a cutscene that will help build back up your life.

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I've been rolling with the Retro and Sawed Off. I can charge in, maybe get a execution, and then switch to the Sawed for some close range contesting. As it has already been said, the Retro is really effective at stopping and taking out the charging shotgun players.

Let's not forget the Snub. An underrated long range weapon :)

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I think they addressed a lot of the challenges people had with the guns during the beta. The sawed-off shotgun and the retro lancer were very over-powered back during the beta. I think they've tweaked these a lot in the months leading up to the game.

You can't just mindlessly blow people away with the sawed-off anymore; you really need to aim. Also, the retro lancer's reticule is a lot less visible in terms of redness displayed. This makes it challenging to connect shots with the retro lancer, but you can still deal tons of damage if you do.

One thing I've really been digging is the Hammerburst. It finally feels like a viable weapon in it's third incarnation. You can do some good damage with it, and COD fans will appreciate the iron sight that you can bring up if you zoom in.

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@SpudBug: To explain the retro lancer's melee, it's actually quite simple: you have an energy bar that appears when charging. At about 1/3 of that bar, the whole thing will turn red. If you make contact with an enemy during the 'red period,' you'll skewer them. It means that you need to start the charge at a relatively large distance from the opponent.

I should also note that the 'start up period' is nearly non-existent in the singleplayer. This is drastically altered with regards to the multiplayer.


Onto my favourite weapons: they vary for each mode.

Versus: Retro, Sawed Off (high-power environment, sawed off is godlike)

Campaign: Retro, Gnasher (I found the retro to be more fun to use, gnasher has a nice ammo stache)

Horde: Lancer, Gnasher (keeping consistent, accurate bullets firing in horde is key, regular lancer has the advantage here)

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@JoeyF: I absolutely love the retro lancer. At first I didn't want to sacrifice the longer range and chainsaw of the standard lancer, but I gave it a try and found myself performing notably better with it. The stopping power on that thing is insane, and while harder to pull off, the charge attack is just too much fun.
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I always go with the retro and sawed off. It seems to work for me. Almost rank 40 damn I play this too much.

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I think the weapons are pretty balanced overall. Of course there is moaning about shotguns again but any decent rifle user can counter shotgun rushing easy. It seems they've actually upped rifle damage all around. The Retro is extremely powerful although it seems to have been tweaked to add even more kick back which is fine because you can down people with it very very quickly.

I'm only level 26 and only have gotten one good night of MP as I was finishing up the single player and doing horde but can't wait to REALLY dig into it. Buying the season pass soon.

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@Demoskinos: I always get trounced by the gnasher in mulitplayer, but it's really my fault if I'm being honest. If you are able to find a solid team in Deathmatch, for example, then you can have some people shooting back from mid-range and other going in close with gnashers.

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I haven't gave competitive multiplayer a go yet, but it definitely seems more balanced than gears 2.

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