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GoW 3

Hi everyone,

I got Lucky and got the game earlier,so I played trough it today...but let me start with :

Graphics : AMAZING....but! I might go as far to say that this is the best looking game there is for the 360 and there is a problem.The games still looks great,but I also noticed that some textures arent as sharp as they could be today or often are on the PS3 or PC.Well again I would give 5/5 out of because its not epics fault they made the best looking game there is on the 360!

Gameplay:Nothing much to say as great as always...alot of different locations make it feel different even though you,of course,do the same the whole time. 4/5 because some different mechanics would have been nice!

Story: It doesnt happen that often that a game story ends like I want it to end...this one did.No open questions and no stupid cliffhanger for the next game.And Im sure there will be some sort of a new GoW! 4/5 because some scence are overacted and other dialogs are just stupid!

Multiplayer:Tried it and didnt cared so nothing to say about it,just not my thing.

Conclusion: A must buy for sure,a great end to a great trilogy and everything I asked for.You liked the games before?Buy it,love it...you didnt this one will not change your mind!

btw: for any question I preorder at my local games shop and they already had it on saturday why ever so I have played it alot ;)

Posted by Cult_of_Cthulhu

Your gamer tag shows you have no achievements in this game so it's not very believable that you've played it,

Edited by Darth_Slayer

@Cult_of_Cthulhu: mmm sry but please look again,because its says I have achievements in the game.295 gamerpoints in 23 achievemnts. http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/darth_slayer/achievements/?upid=4639742&sid=117053

Posted by mars188

Gears of war 2 had better boss fights''

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