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Full game review: Whatever you were expecting from gears of war 3 , Gears of War 3 delivers. An amazing campaign, very emotional for those who care about the story and followed the cog's since the first outing. Fantastic online play, great maps, and the great prize being the new revanped Horde mode, that is absolutely briliant. Only 2 complaints: 1- Seems a bit over the top charging 360 MS for weapons skins.Actually more than the cost of a new MP character. 2- The online is still in need of an update , for now is still a bit unstable. But I'm sure Epic will solve that soon enough. Gears of War 2 also had some problems in that regard, and despite people who still complain and say the online doesn't work ( probably because they never tryed it again since the first time) the fact is that GoW2 Multiplayer works like a breeze for a long time now. Other than that, everything is perfect. More gears, more enemies, more maps , more hours, more weapons, more guns, more quality, more fun. I'll give it a full 5/5 when the MP problems get corrected.

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