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Their are no words

Let me start with this, I have not played a game that left me with so many emotions and wishing that it was not only a trilogy. Now on to the review (and probably one of my favorite ones I will do) I gave this game a 5 out of 5 for the obvious reason that I found nothing wrong with it at all. I have been a huge GoW fan since the first game came out in 2006. In the third and final installment one of the main protagonists (Marcus Fenix) finds out his father had not died but was actually being held hostage and forced to work for Prescott.

This game really makes the series whole and had so many emotions, from the funny Cole Train to the very serious Dominic Santiago. The begin starts with Delta Squad on the "Ravens Nest" when they are suddenly attacked by the Lambent and are forced to leave when the Leviathan causes "Ravens Nest" to explode. After playing for a while the team ends up in Mercy which was Dominic Santiago and families home. After fighting my way through an army of human turned Lambents I came to a game changing experience, Delta Squad is being overrun by the Lambent and Dominic decided to take it into his own hands to save the Delta Squad. The following cut scene shows the heroic death of Dominic Santiago which I will not lie brought tears to my eyes.

On a happier side I enjoyed every part of this game. Epic studios also incorporated Beast mode (Playing as a variety of Locust). The multiplayer is as fun and amazing as it was for Gears 1 and 2. I have no complaints about it. Also I have purchased the Epic edition which comes with a bunch of goodies. Epic has planned on making a nice amount of DLC but for 2400 MP or $30.00 you can purchase the Gears of War 3 Season Pass which gets you all of the DLC for Gears 3 free for a year.


  1. To many to list


  1. It's the end of the series

Epic Studios has done just that, made yet another epic game and many of us are looking forward to more games from Epic, weather they be a side story of Gears or something entirely new. But from one game to others all I can say is this is a MUST HAVE GAME for any hardcore or even casual gamer. Many people would enjoy to have this along with other games wrapped underneath their Christmas trees this winter.

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