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Great way to end a great franchise

Five year ago Epic Games release Gears of war and now after three games closes the book and answers all the question finally, or does it? you play as Marcus Fenix a leader of a group that is trying to stop the Locust in an all out war. Marcus finds out the where about of his father that he thought was died and he has a way to finish the Locust one and for all. The story is thrilling and some what sad, it is a great story to close the book on this. The story does answers some questions but it also raises a few new questions, mostly what happens at the end which I wont go in to detail.

Game play and graphs are mostly the same. You are outside more in the game so there is less brown and grays. With game play only two things changed, horde mode and the shotgun. The shotgun feels different, in one and two the shotgun felt very broken for multiplayer. The problem with it was not every shot hit, it felt like playing the slots. Wondering what shot will connect and kill the other player. I have seen two players waste 4 shots each close range, they were just walking in a circle trying to kill each other and none of the shots were connecting. They did fix this in two but then fan boys cried and they made it like one. I’m hoping they don’t do it again. In horde mode (a mode where you fight wave upon wave of enemies) they added a cash system and level system. Weapons, ammo and other things on the map cost money. The way you make money is by killing the enemies and completing a wave. There are objects all over the maps to help you kill and slow down the enemies such as fences, turret gun, dummies and mechanics. Each object has a leveling system and the more you spend money on them the more powerful and costly they become. They also added mods for horde and campaign, they have to be unlocked and they all take too much time to try to unlock them, for example unlimited ammo takes one hundred kills with five different weapons. There are mods to make the game harder, easier and funnier.

If you enjoyed Gears one and two of course you should buy three. If you never played a gears game and don’t care about the story, the horde mode and multiple player are fun to play and would give it a rent. If you want this game and have not bought it by now I would wait for the game of the year edition or all the DLC to come out. Over all I’m glad I bought this game. The story is great and fun to play through. Horde mode is fun to play and level up the objects and see how powerful they can become. With in-game challenges that they call Onyx medals and they add very much reply value if you’re a achievement whore such as my self. Great way to end a great franchise.

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