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Excellent Send-Off

Gears of War has been the lynchpin of the 360's success from its initial showings up until this current title. The tale of Marcus Fenix and the crew's war against the Locust horde. The storyline was somewhat less than compelling, but the gameplay always rose up to become amongst the all-time great series of games. It's gory, but the gore is never the centerpiece of the action. The weapons all work rather well. Enemies can soak up a lot of damage (almost Halo levels of damage) but you never feel weak nor terribly underpowered.

This is a series where it is vital that you actually act somewhat strategically. It is heavily run-and-gun to be sure, but if one runs into a firefight on anything but easy, you will get slaughtered. The game makes some semblance of sense as there isn't really an epic super boss, just a series of more brutal confrontations until the game is concluded.

Marcus is trying to find his father while the rest of the crew is trying to come to grips with their assorted personal issues that have come to the surface during the whole epic outburst of the Locust.

Multiplayer is, as always, amazing and Horde mode is still one of the more satisfying game types on the market.

I have nothing against the game that I can really mention here. I enjoyed it. I liked the game more and more with every iteration (the first one, to me, was moderately blah). This is a spectacular send-off and while I will be sad when the 4th chapter inevitably shows up...I can say that this game wrapped up the storyline pretty well. I have to give Epic immense credit for making one of the best games of this console generation.

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