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Bros of War 3

I got my Xbox 360 in 2006 because I wanted to play Gears of War. Which I did, a lot.

Then Gears 2 came out and I was hyped, more Gears. By the end of the Single Player campaign I wasn’t so sure I wanted “more Gears” anymore. The fact that the MP was really broken also didn’t help…

I decided that I wouldn’t be getting Gears 3 at launch after realizing how tired I was of its gameplay based around the cover system. I did finally get it though, and I decided I was going to play it on Casual, minimizing the time spent on cover as much as possible.

The first two chapters had me reconsidering if I really wanted to play this game, I won’t lie, I was biased towards not liking this game, mostly because I didn’t really like Gears 2. But the fact that I was playing on Casual meant that I could just play an hour at a time and feel like I was making a decent progress.

By chapter three I started enjoying the game, the fact that Gears is so kickass is somewhat charming. Normally the bald marines fighting alien creatures doesn’t do much for me, but at least Gears does it right.

The last two chapters made it almost impossible to put the controller down until I was done with it. I don’t know if it was the fact that I had to know how the story ended or if I had come to terms with the gameplay and was finally having as much fun as I remember having with the first Gears.

Overall Gears of War 3 reignited my love for the series and I think Judgement will be a game I’ll pick day one this time.


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