Fred Tatasciore is here to talk you through Overrun mode.

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Naturally he's talking in his ''Baird'' voice, but deary me, for starring the character in a story set 14 years even before the first Gears, he still manages to sound older than ever. It's only a trailer, so it won't matter too much; I imagine they'll tweak his voice to make him sound a tad more spry come the full game. There's basically been nothing but Overrun coverage since its announcement as well, which is understandable, given how much of a multiplayer-focussed series it is, but I'd be much more interested in hearing about the story. Especially given the leads, the new writer, and how Epic apparently even sought advice from Pixar Studios (err, yeah, seriously... 4.0) as to how they can better portray their characters and... what have you. Plus there's meant to be this Simple Spawn System that's in play during the campaign, which is apparently a derivative of the AI Director from the Left4Dead series. So definitely want to get a more expansive look at how that'll function.

Oh, I think the Overrun mode looks pretty alright, too. I haven't played any Gears online (plenty of experience with bots, though...) and, while I admittedly said the same thing about Gears 3, this might be the game that'll finally force me to invest in some GOLD for my 360. The Gears 3 MP is no doubt nigh impenetrable at this point, and while I can soundly thrash the competitive AI even on 'Insane' mode, I'm willing to bet that still doesn't exactly prepare you for actual human players. Hence why I'd rather wait for this and the sea of newbies to flock right along with. Though getting to play Horde in Gears 3 how it's meant to be played, instead of splitscreening it with my brother, still sounds pretty enticing... Playing on normal mode, we're stuck in the early 30s and it's reached the point where we simply can't contend.

So in general, who here is actually looking forward to this? I've been a fan of Gears since I first got into the series in 2009 when I also got my 360, though it's Gears 3 that's definitely gotten me in deep. Though perhaps not enough to go around reading the books and comics mind you. I'm pretty excited for Judgment in any case, but I'm getting the impression that I'm apart of the minority.

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=( ?

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Definitely adding some new flavour and variety to the Gears franchise. Basically Horde vs Beast mode, which in turn sounds pretty wicked. Problem is, I can see most players favouring a certain side far more than the other and perhaps constantly causing quitting from the game.

I wonder if they'll implement this new class system into the regular multiplayer modes though.

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I'm surprised it's taken me this long to see this video seeing as I love the gears games a whole lot. This mode looks great, I'm a big fan of competitive modes that push teamwork to the front. In normal deathmatch I find myself just unable to compete at the level a lot of people are at. Gears 3 definitely made that stuff less painful, but people that did really well in 2 still did reaaally well in 3.

If I can be support and throw health grenades and repair stuff like in Horde mode I might feel far more inclined to give this a try. I wonder if Horde and Beast are returning too or if this is it for Judgement.

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@GunstarRed said:

If I can be support and throw health grenades and repair stuff like in Horde mode I might feel far more inclined to give this a try. I wonder if Horde and Beast are returning too or if this is it for Judgement.

That's a good question. Beast Mode I think may be easier to cut off in favour of this, but Horde mode is much more so iconic within the series and OverRun isn't quite as similar to Horde as it is to Beast. Though if there was any reason they'd give Horde a miss, it would be because of the campaign and the randomised encounters; ''declassified mode'' I think it's called, where you play through the campaign again and things happen 'differently'. But even still, there's nothing that can suitably replace Horde mode besides a better Horde mode so I hope Judgment will only build upon what is already one of the best iterations on wave survival, rather than lob it off entirely.

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Fred Tatasciore as in the guy that voices the Hulk?

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@DragonNinja789: Indeedly.

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i just want horde mode with join in progress option

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