Yes, People Can Fly is Working on Gears of War Judgement [UPDATED]

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#101 Posted by Dany (7887 posts) -

Baird and Cole focused? I like Cole but nut Baird and class base? Why?

#102 Posted by Soulblitz (349 posts) -

But I don't care about Baird.

#103 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2682 posts) -

@Baconbot said:

Really interested in seeing what this is. Reserving judgement until then.

Whaaaaaaat. Holy shit! You nailed it! Before it was even leaked!

#104 Posted by Begilerath (175 posts) -

Fuck Baird! Yeah Cole! So I guess I'm indifferent to this game?

#105 Edited by Yummylee (21293 posts) -

@Napalm said:

@cmblasko said:

Baird? Come one now. I liked Baird and Cole throughout the Gears series, but them as the main characters?

As main characters? Dude, they were main characters through half of Gears Of War 3.

Half? More like a third, if that. Though I wish they did take up half of the game. That's basically what I thought they did have planned and it sucked once I soon realised that it was going to be Marcus n co for the rest of the game.

Also I think Baird is ok; it definitely struck me as odd to learn how many dislike him, though he certainly had his moments of complete and utter assholery in Gears 3. He was so infuriatingly sarcastic and passive aggressive towards Cole during his playable segment of the story.

#106 Posted by Napalm (9020 posts) -

@Yummylee: I know you played as them for a good few hours. Regardless, I think most of the characters in that universe are forgettable. Cole is hilarious and awesome, and Carmine is OP. I would love to see a Bulletstorm sequel more than anything.

#107 Posted by Yummylee (21293 posts) -

@Napalm: Sam was pretty cool, but I suppose I admittedly liked her mostly because she's basically ''what if Claudia Black existed in the Gears Universe??''

#108 Posted by MooseyMcMan (10542 posts) -

The Cole Train and Baird? Sounds great, those two were always the two most interesting of the main four guys (even if I was constantly thinking Baird was an ass (because he is), but the games just aren't the same when he's not around).

#109 Posted by Napalm (9020 posts) -

@Yummylee said:

@Napalm: Sam was pretty cool, but I suppose I admittedly liked her mostly because she's basically ''what if Claudia Black existed in the Gears Universe??''

Ah yeah, she was a fucking total babe. So yeah, three characters that are memorable. And Raam. He's pretty memorable.

#110 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5138 posts) -

Fucking Baird has to ruin everything.

#111 Posted by Krrutch (154 posts) -

@S0ndor: hell yes give me that game

#112 Posted by TooWalrus (13139 posts) -

@Catarrhal said:

If Ice-T were the main character, I might be interested. Otherwise, no…

Yeah, but not Ice-T's game character, Griffin, I'm talking about Ice-T himself as the main character.

#113 Posted by triviaman09 (786 posts) -

If this is just GOW: Cole and Baird's Tale, count me out. If People Can Fly make it way crazy, then we'll see.

#114 Posted by RedRavN (397 posts) -

Painkiller was awesome and bulletstorm was a good/great game. I'm interested to see which direction they take the franchise and if they will being the series back to PC.

#115 Posted by vinsanityv22 (1064 posts) -

I just hope People Can Fly have learned that, no, combining synonyms for dick with the word fuck does not equal a story. Fucking Bulletstorm was offensive...offensively stupid. And it totally, completely marred an otherwise awesome game. That and hearing Steve Blum and Jennifer Hale voice your main characters. Like we don't hear them and their lack of range in a billion video games already. Steve Blum makes Nolan North sound like Mel Blanc or Billy West.

#116 Posted by MindBullet (140 posts) -

GoW 4: Let's go to Jail!

#117 Posted by MEATBALL (3080 posts) -

People Can Fly working on Gears kind of feels like a waste in a way, though I'm sure this game will be pretty good. I loved Bulletstorm, it's a shame the game's marketing was so dodgy that it made people angry. Maybe the script could have used some restraint, but none of it particularly bothered me, I found it to be an entertaining brand of stupid. I guess anything that reminds some people of the whole "dudebro" thing immediately induces a seething rage as they think back to those times they were stuffed in a locker by their local meathead.

#118 Posted by supermonkey122 (813 posts) -

You spelled Judgment wrong.

#119 Posted by Dryker (490 posts) -

Gotta express my Baird love. Only character I would play in Gears 1.

#120 Posted by ptys (1893 posts) -

Wow another compelling reason for me to stay with Xbox next gen!.. NOT.

#121 Posted by Nikz (28 posts) -

Let PCF make another Bulletstorm, which was better then any GoW game IMO :(

#122 Posted by jmood88 (393 posts) -
Sounds like they're scraping the bottom of the barrel.
How do you figure?
#123 Posted by Jayzilla (2555 posts) -

milk the cow, Epic. milk the cow.

#124 Posted by Shadow (4977 posts) -

Oh good...Baird. Just the character I wanted to play a whole fucking game as.

#125 Posted by Jetfire (9 posts) -

The Gears series has run its' course with a decent trilogy of games. This just screams cash grab. Hopefully the good people at People Can Fly aren't tied down to the Gears family mechanics. We shall see.

#126 Posted by fiberpay (282 posts) -

@Jayzilla said:

milk the cow, Epic. milk the cow.

Are you new to video games? Name one game that sold a shit ton of copies that didn't have a another after it. Now I will admit this does seem like a "we need to sell one more game before next gen" and PCF are not working on anything so well give them a tried and true franchise why the big boys work on our next gen launch game, but ya gotta make money you can't just have ppl sitting around.

#127 Posted by ABK_92 (176 posts) -

@Animasta said:

"and Epic Games' public relations bizarrely department dodged any questions of who was making it."

you switched two words there patrick.

Also this news sucks, people can fly deserve better :(

They deserve better? What does that even mean? You mean the same people that made a greatly inferior game when compared to any of the GoW games? Nope.

#128 Posted by iAmJohn (6110 posts) -

Well alright then,

#129 Posted by Mr_JPeps (164 posts) -

too soon!

#130 Posted by Voxus (322 posts) -

This game could not be any less interesting to me.

#131 Posted by Terjay (809 posts) -


#132 Posted by JuggaloAcidman (273 posts) -

WTF? After they said 3 was the last one... I was excited to see the game end since many games series don't anymore. This kinda sucks! I wish it had actually ended!

#133 Posted by brownsfantb (389 posts) -

People Can Fly's humor will work well with Baird and Cole. I'm excited for this.

#134 Posted by Portis (1285 posts) -


#135 Posted by coaxmetal (1579 posts) -

Man I sure hope this isn't just a fucking gears of war game. I get what gears did for the genre, but I never liked that kind of cover based third person shooter, and, as a fan of people can fly (or a least of Painkiller, which was a while ago, and appreciator if not fan of bulletstorm) im hoping they do something different.

Also besides not liking the style of gameplay gears had the bro shit turned me off too.

#136 Posted by TheHBK (5465 posts) -

Jesus. So many people complaining, saying this is just a cash grab, milking the cow. Guess what? Epic, Microsoft, EA, Activision and all other developers and publishers are in this for the money. It is business baby. I would think that after the 38 Studios debacle, we would all be in agreement that having cash flow stop just to please ones sense of duty or wanting to do what they want regardless of what happens on the business side is dumb. Making money is important to these guys. Gears of War will sell another game. What else is there to think about?

#137 Posted by Buttmonk3y (126 posts) -

Is the GoW IP owned by MS or Epic? Could this possibly be on PS3 as well as 360 seeing as its a separate story to the first 3.

#138 Posted by djaoni (339 posts) -

The amazing characters include generic bulky man with raspy voice, generic bulky man with deep voice and the completely original manly woman making jokes about dicks.

#139 Posted by dropabombonit (1484 posts) -

I knew People Can Fly have been working on a Gears of War game for months, hope this means they change the gameplay up. Gears of War 3 was solid but nothing spectacular for me

#140 Posted by DeanoXD (608 posts) -

As long as Barid says dicktits at least once i will play this game.

#141 Posted by Bakath (32 posts) -

I hope it is next gen release or PC using Unreal 4 as I am tried of playing on that outdated box.

#142 Edited by Sweep (8826 posts) -

This kinda looks like Baird...

Also, I want to know what Cole and Baird were dicking around with while Marcus was in the Submarine. Those guys fucked off for a good few hours of Gears 3 and then just turned up at the end in a hellicopter having fixed Jack and... er... done some other shit? I don't know.

Oh yeah, btw, spoilers T_______T

#143 Posted by Bakath (32 posts) -

@Buttmonk3y said:

Is the GoW IP owned by MS or Epic? Could this possibly be on PS3 as well as 360 seeing as its a separate story to the first 3.

Epic owns it

#144 Posted by laserbolts (5314 posts) -

Was not a fan of bulletstorm and I hope these dudes don't end up ruining gears. I did not like Baird as a character so i'm a little worried. Hope it turns out good.

#145 Posted by Nilazz (607 posts) -

Baird? That was kinda unexpected.

#146 Posted by BSw (249 posts) -

Awesome! PCFs debut was great, and exactly the sort of FPS that I like. Them making a new GoW could be fantastic!

#147 Posted by TeenageJesusSuperstar (170 posts) -

I'd like to renew my annual subscription to the Fuck Baird Club.

#148 Posted by cikame (972 posts) -

I don't know how i feel about Baird carrying larger portions of a game, of all the Gears characters he's not exactly my favorite.

#149 Posted by BadSniper52 (604 posts) -

Cole train baby!


#150 Edited by ProfessorEss (7281 posts) -

Baird! I'm in!!

I'm a fan as my proposal for the Gears Triple Pack packaging shows quite obviously:


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