Best Gears of War trailer?

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Mad world was pretty damn good. I still rememeber seeing it on TV and the tingles i got.

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I just watched them all again and the Mad World one still gets to me. I remember sitting in a movie theater seeing that on the big screen and thinking to my self fuck I gotta go get a 360. Though Gears 3 one is really cool too and has me fired up already, thanks Cliffy now I gotta wait a year.

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I picked Mad World but I really, REALLY like the How It Ends trailer too.
Heron Blue is good, but I didn't find it as good as the first two.
I think that Mad World trailer may have sold more consoles than any other single piece of marketing this generation.

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I vaguely remember pooping myself when I first saw the Mad World trailer.

#6 Posted by Maxynator (185 posts) -

I loved the red blood trailer, with the chainsaw dual

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I love the depressive look of Gears 3's trailer, plus it's my favourite gears-trailer song too.
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This is more the trailer I associate with Gears 2, and it might still be my favorite.


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@EvilTwin:  I forgot all about that one it is good. I was just picking between the "arty" music ones. What do you think the over under is on Marcus dying in Gear 3 is?

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