Gears of War 2 - Multiplayer Tactics

#1 Posted by joshuapohl (43 posts) -

I have been watching a lot more gameplay videos for Gears of War 2 lately and I noticed just how much more tactically Gears 2 is compared to the first.  Portable cover, smoke grenades that throw people away, sticking walls with grenades etc. is allowing for a much more tactical game?

What do you guys think? Will all these extra mechanics drastically change the gameplay or will just the best shooter win?

#2 Posted by SlimDogg (159 posts) -

I don't think it will change the basics.But I  think it gives you more options. And more options are never bad. Def seems like everything about the game is polished. I can't wait.

#3 Posted by Player1 (3909 posts) -

Ya I agree with slim. It wont change the basic run and gun gameplay, but does give the experience player more choices

#4 Posted by YourEvilTwin67 (22 posts) -

I think that it will change a lot with stopping power and such it becomes an entirely different game there wont be as many run and guns the cover system is going to be used so much more.

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