Does anybody still play this online on the PC?

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I was thinking about picking it up, especially since it's mad cheap now.

#2 Posted by mhkjtha (429 posts) -

Could someone answer me? :\ :(

#3 Posted by BawlZINmotion (714 posts) -

Not many people played the PC version to begin with, so I doubt it. I wouln't buy it for multiplayer.

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I tried to last year but for some reason GFW just doesn't like my computer. Still doesn't when I'm playing with other games on my PC. Anyway, no I don't think many people are online, even for the console version since everyone's playing GoW 2 or more likely, MW2. Still, you should pick it up if you haven't played it before. It's pretty good.
Edit: Just realised that this 2 months old. -_-

#5 Posted by tunaburn (1891 posts) -

well i will bump this because i was about to ask this same question and know its wrong to make a new thread for the same question. But i was about to get this for pc but want to know if anyone plays it still

#6 Posted by Dooops (227 posts) -

I don't know how opposed you are to this but you could always download a torrent of Gears on PC. See if there are a lot of people online. If so, go out and buy the game.
#7 Posted by IkariNoTekken (990 posts) -

@Dooops: Hey...

#8 Posted by Dooops (227 posts) -

Maybe he still hasn't made up his mind! :P

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