Gears Co - op

#1 Posted by DirrtyNinja (715 posts) -

Just wondering is anyone wanting to go through the campaign on Insane (or whatever the hardest difficulty is called). Been wanting to get the Dom and insane achievements for awhile now.

#2 Posted by Schadenfreude (206 posts) -

I have already beaten it on all difficulties, but I know someone  (who has an account here) who has not. I will see if they are interested and get back to you if they are.

#3 Posted by Duffman (208 posts) -

I haven't and would like to go through on Co-op on insane.  I'll send you a f/r, or you can send me one.  My gt is Duffman X18.

#4 Posted by Video_Tycoon (313 posts) -

I don't have gold, but good luck with the Beserkers, you gotta plan them out before hand otherwise two people trying to do completely opposite things with a zerker.

#5 Posted by hungrynun (444 posts) -

I'm always up for some gears co-op.

Add me if you're interested my tag is AlwaysTender.

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