Gears Refresh worth it?

#1 Posted by bwooduhs (1679 posts) -

I sadly traded my copy of Gears in a while back and am super hyped for gears 2. Does anyone know if the Refresh version is really worth it or should i just buy pre owned-game. I would really like to play it again to catch up on the story(laugh).

#2 Posted by SamFo (1637 posts) -

All that the new version is, is just the old version with the free downloadable maps packed in. I'd suggest picking up something else and waiting for gears 2.

#3 Posted by kiopl (21 posts) -

Just wait for gears 2 its coming soon

#4 Posted by lux (129 posts) -

If you're going to buy it pre-owned, it wouldn't be much more than a few bucks to just buy the new version brand new.

#5 Posted by John (847 posts) -

I heared it's best for people that have yet to try it out. Like me, If I want to get the most out of G2, might as well shell out for G1 refresh and see what all fuss was about.

#6 Posted by bwooduhs (1679 posts) -

Thanks for the replies guys. Do people still play online.

#7 Posted by DirrtyNinja (724 posts) -

Yes , there are still loads of peeps online in gears. I have the odd game now and then.

#8 Posted by bwooduhs (1679 posts) -

i know where i can pick it up preowned for $15 NZ dollars so im thinkking i might get it.

#9 Posted by Renwood (13 posts) -

Depends on the price disparity between a used copy and the refresh. New is always nice, but the actual game content is the same for both, since you can download the map packs that are on the refresh free off Live. If buying used is any substantial savings, go with that.

#10 Posted by UnwiseDolphin (10 posts) -

You should usually buy games new because when you buy them used the people who made them don't get any of the moeny. I guess if you traded it in and regretted the decision then thats different. I only buy used games when the new ones aren't available.

#11 Posted by DC (89 posts) -

I'm still playing Gears to this day, although admittedly I see less of my Xbox 360 nower days, so every time I load it up it feels fresh. Well... maybe not so much now but it's still cool. I'm sure a lot of people will be playing the first Gears in the run up to Gears 2 so they're all prepared to jump right into multi-player and earn some points. I know I will. Perhaps with a gold plated Lancer!

#12 Posted by mac512k (181 posts) -

I think the first one still holds up and is pretty fun. I'm sure you can find it cheap someplace.  I think the Co-Op play is the best part of Gears. 

#13 Posted by LM101 (11 posts) -

The first one is still really fun online and has quite a big community.

#14 Posted by BlackWaterCO (1684 posts) -

Nah. Just get Gears 2

#15 Posted by Tofford (711 posts) -

Me and my mate have recently got back into gears due to GOW2 coming soon. It is incredible and really stands the test of time. You need to have this game in your collection find a preowned copy it wont cost you much.

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bwooduhs said:
"Thanks for the replies guys. Do people still play online."
It's still one of the most played games on Live -- Just wait for Gears 2 though... since they're improving and enhancing the multiplayer a ton and there's no real deep story in the single-player I see no reason to buy it..

Isn't the new Gears 1 just the original game and all of the maps you can get for free over live for 10$ more btw?
#17 Posted by epic_pets (1345 posts) -

Rent the game.

#18 Posted by Psynapse (1084 posts) -

Its still a very popular game online, Friday night 'Beers and Gears' in Australia is still a fairly popular time to jump on and get some easy frags against the other players which may have just had a few too many to aim their Torque Bow properly ;).

I still love getting on and having a stuff around with my mates. Its worth a buy in my opinion, it was the first game that I bought when I got my 360 and until G2 comes out it will still be the most played one, although i'm having abit of fun with Burnout: Paradise at the moment. :P

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