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Geared up and ready for war

Cogs of the machinery 

This early current-gen game is mighty impressive, doing most things correctly. The graphics are detailed and give you a bloody, gritty, high-def experience. The game mechanics work well, especially the Active Reload system making reloading a tactical bonus game instead of a game-interrupting chore. The "cover-hugging" sometimes messes your flow up, leaving you stuck in the open, leading to some cheap deaths. However, a generous auto-save system with plenty of checkpoints guarantees you won't get frustrated from replaying too many of the chapter segments. 

Atmospheric grime 

To be honest, the story isn't much to hold on to, but instead the environment and characters keeps your interest up. The cut-scenes are all right, but what really drags you in is the banter within the group in between and during the action. Creeping up to the action sequences is even better, walking around listening for clinks, clanks and grunts in different and varied levels. Removing health pick-ups and instead using automatic regenerating when you are in cover or generally keeping out of the rain of bullets adds well to both the in-game experience and cover-based gameplay.

Pros & Cons

+ Excellent cover-based 3rd person shooter 
+ Good and clever game mechanics 
+ Brilliant atmosphere
- Story is a bit weak

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