zimpanx's Gears of War (Limited Collector's Edition) (Xbox 360) review

One of few games that actually deliver on its hype.

The good: Smooth and greatly designed gameplay, the best technical graphics ever seen in a video game, great atmosphere much thanks to the tone setting music and sound-effects, great online, co-op is a blast, the chainsaw bayonet alone makes the game

The Bad: The campaign bit on the short side and the online multiplayer could have had some more modes, the story could have been more fleshed out,

In Gears of War you play as this bigass and pissed dude called Marcus Fenix who has been put in prison for not obeying orders from leading command but as soon as the game begins you get released by your also very big companion and his name is Dominic Santiago or Dom. Why is because mankind need all the help they can get against this alien race called the Locust Horde that have been invading the planet Sera from underground for 14 years now and humans are now a race that's close to extinction. So you put on your gear and fight your way trough the prison facility the get to the chopper to join up with Delta-Squad and there you get your precious 'Lancer' in your hands, an assaultrifle with a chainsaw bayonet that will be your best friend the entire hame trough, and now the goal for your group is to find and join up with Alpha-Squad and strike back at the Locust by sawing them all into bits or shoot tons of sharp-loaded ammo into their skulls depending on what you prefer.
That's pretty much the story of the game, sure it's a shooter so it's not that big of a surprise but it could have been more...let's say fleshed out with more background story and getting to know the characters better for instance. So storywise Gears of War does disappoint a bit but thankfully the action itself is near flawless as well as the overall tone an atmosphere from start to finish.

The gameplay of this game is extremely well done you will be flanking, taking cover, use turrets, chainsawing and so on, and the enemy you're facing will constantly try to do the same. Taking cover in Gears of War is the key to success on the battlefield and it's also fairly simple since all your cover and running maeuvers are made by hitting the A button, it may seem a bit awkward using so many actions with one button but it actually works surprisingly well here and you won't need to think of what button to press in tense situations.Though if you for some whatever reason avoid taking cover in this game you will be dead within seconds I can guarantee you that.

The visuals, well what can I say you need to experience them yourself but I can tell you that games are not supposed to look this good I mean it's just insane, no other game game before has not technically even come close to this, so Gears is defiantly a milestone in that regard as everything nomatter what you look at looks incredible including the environments, the character models, the weapons, the special effects like explosions and so on and so forth.

The audio is impressive aswell, as the weapons sounds just as powerful as they should and the game features a really actionmovie-like soundtrack that goes with the tone of the game very nicely, if you're picky you can might throw some bad words about the games voiceacting, sure it's not really the best I've heard in videgame way but it fits the action and the type of characters as they actually are, really big and pissed off dudes that's like shoot and kill stuff. Simply put to be able to appreciate this game to it's fullest you'll need to play this game on a HD screen with a surround sound system set up, sure the game is enjoyable on your average TV set and basic stereo set up but alot of the game's presentation will unfortunally go by missed.

Thee game also features a co-op mode so that you and your friend can experience the whole singleplayer campaign together, and this is the best way the experience Gears of War, and you can play it either locally or even online. The game aslo features a VS mode where up to 4 players on each team battle it out in various types of deathmatches and is highly addciting and enjoyable. Unfortunally the singleplayer could have been abit longer and the versus mode could have featured some more modes than just varoius types of deathmatch also there is also some minor bugs online that's need to be sorted out so the value of the game while still awesome could have been even better than it actually is.

So in the end this is all I have to say, if you enjoy shooters or action games in general in any kind of way or is just curious about them you simply cannot go wrong with Gears and it will hoepfully enjoy you and your friends as much as it has enjoyed me. So if you happen to own a Xbox 360 you owe it to yourself to try out this game.
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