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My Second Chance 2

Yesterday I wrote an extensive review of Gemini Rue, the latest point-and-click adventure game published by Wadjet Eye Games. I hit on all the points I wanted in that review, and was just adding links right before I was going to send, when an accidental click effectively erased the entire review. I usually remind myself that that sort of suffering is small compared to the suffering in the world in general, and I did some of that here, but I also found it a perfect complim...

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Fantastic 4

Gemini Rue is every retro point-n-click lovers dream, but also has a great sci-fi story to be told.  The pixelated graphics in this game is very nice, but it will not be to everyones taste. For me, even though I am not very nostalgic, I was sucked right into the atmosphere which reminds me of old games like Beneath a steal sky, full throttle and so on.  The sci-fi setting serves as a perfect backdrop to this noir adventure game and avoids the pitfalls of many other point and click games that has...

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Gemini Bebop 0

This Adventure game came out of nowhere, originally a student project, the art style has a spot on Blade Runner feel and there is an obvious level craftsmanship that immediately sucks you in despite the super low res graphics. Its reminiscent of the best of the old LucasArts point and click adventure games, Full Throttle et all. It's a story told about the grungy side of sci-fi, where the interplanetary mafia and mining syndicates run the show and the common man keeps his head down to avoid gett...

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Defining Dystopia 0

A tale of two seemingly unrelated characters in a retrofied sci-fi world, Gemini Rue's take on dystopia transcends expectations.I can't even recall how exactly I stumbled upon this game, the style and genre aren't themes that I usually delve too deep into. I haven't played a ton of point and click adventure games either, and certainly none of the classics. So, looking at this game from a distance I really didn't know what to expect; I thought the retro art style was neat, it reminded me a bit of...

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Adventures in a grim, desperate dystopia. 0

Gemini Rue is an adventure game that doesn't care to hide its influences. The title screen – set to the sight and sounds of the rain-stricken planet of Barracus – evokes the feeling of a grim, desperate dystopia that takes a cue from the likes of Blade Runner and Cowboy Bebop.After the unsettling scene of a confused prison inmate having his memories wiped, the focus shifts to Azriel Odin – an ex-Boryokudan gang member – and his investigations on Barracus into the whereabouts of his missing broth...

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