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Gemini Rue is every retro point-n-click lovers dream, but also has a great sci-fi story to be told. 
The pixelated graphics in this game is very nice, but it will not be to everyones taste. For me, even though I am not very nostalgic, I was sucked right into the atmosphere which reminds me of old games like Beneath a steal sky, full throttle and so on. 
The sci-fi setting serves as a perfect backdrop to this noir adventure game and avoids the pitfalls of many other point and click games that has been seen recently. First off, there is no humour in this game, no whacky "combine the chicken with the hat" stuff going on which is a fresh breeze when all other games try to be so witty.  
Second all puzzles are very logical. This makes the game a little easier perhaps than other adventure games because the number of elements you combine is not that many. But the main draw here is the fantastic atmosphere story and the superb soundtrack, the puzzles are there to create atmosphere and make you feel like a private investigator. YOU are figuring out the story and what is really going on in this game.
The game is fully voiced, and some of the voices are a little so so, but not as bad as in JRPGs.  
I put both Crysis 2, Dead Space and AC:brotherhood on hold to play this game... that gotta be saying something. 
If you ever loved point and click games in the past but got turned off by the last 10-15 years of bad point and click games, this will be right up your ally. 

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