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Generalissimo Meow is a cat general who leads a cat army from Risk: Factions. His faction color is yellow and the dice rolled for attacking and defending are covered in yellow fur. Generalissimo Meow can be seen originally named "Chairman Meow" in pre-release trailers for Risk: Factions. 


Meow is the leader of Catsmir. He's brought into the story after a mortar from a training exercise run by General McGutterpants lands in his country. He demands an apology for the accident but is turned down because McGutterpants doesn't negotiate with quadrupeds. It's all the reason he needs to attack McGutterpants with his cat army. One mission in the campaign is dedicated to playing as Meow against McGutterpants.
Meow's army during engagement animations consists of cats walking on two legs wearing bits of accessories like backpacks and beanies. Some of them are armed with rifles and grenades but most attack by spitting up hairballs or screeching a sonic wave to kill enemy troops. Overkills involve volleys of hairballs spit across the screen like an artillery strike.

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