What are some good Genesis soundtracks?

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I'm pretty heavily into game music but recently came up short when trying to think of Genesis games with good music. In fact, outside of the Sonic series, the only two I came up with was Moonwalker and Alladin. Altered Beast was okay but I'm not sure if nostalgia drives that one some.

I can come up with a ton of great nes and snes tracks but this one's stumping me. Doesn't help that I think the Genesis' sound is pretty terrible.

So, anyone have some suggestions I should seek out?

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Streets of Rage 2....

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Crack Down.

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I enjoyed he revenge of shinobi and shinobi 3 soundtrack.

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@Sayishere said:

shinobi 3

Oohh, I'd forgotten about that one. That was pretty good.

I'll check out those others.

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Contra Hard Corps. Best contra game and one of the best 16bit soundtracks. Also check out Comix Zone, it's very grungy but sounds really cool with that sound chip.

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Streets of Rage 2.

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I would Have to say Mega Turrican had some awesome music but that might be because I owned it Here is a playlist someone did of the game soundtrack

Also here is one of the best tracks from it

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Ecco 1 and 2 have pretty great music.

Edit: I don't really know much about the differences between sound chips and synthesizers and all that for various consoles, but I'm pretty sure the Ecco 2 song Tube of Medusa is about as pure an example of Genesis-ass Genesis music as you can find. I just adore that shitty sounding drums.

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Elemental Master

Biohazard Battle

Just a couple. Genesis has a lot of great music I think but tastes differ.

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I love games that embraced how limited the soundchip was and went for a totally unique sound with it. Case in point: Road Rash

Highest fidelity? Largest dynamic range? Nah. But in 1992 it sounded so different from anything my SNES was putting out. Not better, just...unique.

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Dynamite Headdy, bitches.

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Streets of Rage 2 all the way. I know a song is already in there, but this song has to be heard all of the time.

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Hot damn, I'd hoped making this thread would spark some ideas for me. I'd also forgotten how good the soundtracks for Strider and Batman '89 were.

Especially these from Batman:

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Phantasy Star 4 had a great soundtrack.

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Sega CD counts, right?

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Street Fighter II has some good themes.

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The Genesis sound is not "pretty terrible," it's fucking awesome. And when it comes to Genesis stuff, Thunder Force III is pretty untouchable. Thunder Force IV was really good as well.

On a related note, here's a pretty incredible cover version of a medley of TF3 songs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAzDqKlOaGU

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Revenge of Shinobi was DOPE.

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