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Ninja Gaiden 2/ Sigma 2

Genshin is the leader of the Black Spider Ninja Clan and is tired of the clan.Genshin grew weary of his clan always being in the shadow ofthe Dragon Ninja Clan. Genshin happens upon meeting Elizibet the Queen of the Greater Fiends.Elizbet promises to raise his clan to the heights of greatness in exchange for his services. Genshin accepts her proposal seeing this as an opportunity to destroy the Dragon Ninja Clan.Genshin sends his student Rasetsu to Tokyo to distract Ryu Hayabusa. While he is occupying Hayabusa Genshin heads up an attack on the Castle of the Dragon to steal the Demon statue that is guarded by the dragon ninja clan.After battling Joe and Ryu Hayabusa, Genshin and Elizibet slip away with the demon statue. Genshin later intercepts the Dragon Ninja the the peak of a volcano where Ryu Hayabusa defeats and kills him.Upon his death Elizibet appears and transforms the fallen ninja into a greater fiend.

With his newly aquired power Genshin follows Ryu into the underworld once again where he is again defeated. Upon defeat Genshin uses his dying breaths he ackowledges Ryu as a true ninja and presents him with his blade.After defeating the Archfiend Vazdah Ryu places Genshin's sword in the Black Spider Ninja grave yard at the summit of Mt. Fuji.

Ninja Gaiden 3/Razors Edge

The spirit of the fallen ninja appears before Ryu late in his journey and presents him with the Soul of the Archfiend to awaken his blade so Ryu can use it to battle the Goddess.


  • "How the vaunted Dragon Ninja Bloodline has withered Jô Hayabusa." - Genshin taunting Ryu's father in Ninja Gaiden 2.
  • "Evil? The ninja way knows neither good nor evil." - Genshin respond after Joe Hayabusa said that his evil action has corrupted him.
  • "Young blood, how many times must you stand in our way?" - Genshin to Ryu on board a huge plane.
  • "I have staked my name. I have fought with all of my being, all to forge a future for the Black Spider Clan. I have no regrets. Just as you have fought for a cause greater than yourself, so too, have I." - Fiend Genshin after his defeat and before his imminent death.

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