Dude's Done a Lot!

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Okay, has anyone here not head of Geoff Keighley? Honestly, I think the first game review I ever read was one of his. Dude's also been on everythiing! A few months back around Comic-Con he was co-hosting Reviews on the Run (( With Victor Lucas <3 )), and I loved him back on Electric Playground.

To me, Geoff Keighley is a pretty awesome Game Journalist.

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am I a minority here?

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I miss G4TV.com and I miss his OXM column.

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I remember when he was on EP...with that dickhead Tommy Tallarico...  Geoff was a voice you could trust that was obviously pushed by the network to change his opinions from time to time.  Nonetheless, totally rad dood.

In other news...I miss Shoe.  He was the only thing I liked about EGM...ever...because fuck Crispin Boyer.
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jakob187 said:
In other news...I miss Shoe.  He was the only thing I liked about EGM...ever...because fuck Crispin Boyer."
Couldn't agree more!

I stopped reading EGM after that...
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hanktherapper said:
"I miss G4TV.com and I miss his OXM column."

I've heard enough.
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i just know him from gametrailers

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Yep. I miss seeing Victor Lucas on G4. Those were the days...

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He owned Fox News. For that,  he is a nobel man!

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Dude can't say jeff's name right. JEFF GERTZZMANN
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...giant bump but okay 
Yeah, Keighley's a fantastic ambassador for gaming - the guy's a professional, well spoken individual who shines a little spotlight on an industry perceived to be full of nerds.

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