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My friend decided to flee the country for a few months, and I'm borrowing his xbox. Since his xbox came into my possession, I have been possessed by the multicolored sparks and explosions in Geometry Wars 2. I've spent too many hours playing, and feel competent enough to try my hand at some achievements. However, I can't seem to play any of them.

My friend says that he's beat all of the achievements already, and I'm playing on his account. Can you only beat the achievements once? I really want to try Wax On and Wax Off, but nothing happens when I try. Does anyone have any advice for a newly addicted gamer? If I'm going to spend my life playing this game, I'd at least like to have some sense of achievement, other than wiping my friend's high score off the board.

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Achievements are tied to the Xbox 360 user profile on the console, and there is no way to reset achievement progress. You could create a new user profile, and that would allow you to unlock achievements that your friend has already unlocked (though this wouldn't unlock them for HIM, just for you).

To create a new user profile:

1: Hit the guide button in the center of the controller.

2: Press the 'X' button to sign out.

3: Pick the third option, "Create Profile," and follow the steps.

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My friend decided to flee the country for a few months

Please tell us more.

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I tried that, but when I made a new profile I could only play the trial version of GW2. I can't play Pacifism in the trial version. I don't want to buy this game just to play the achievements. Thanks anyway for the help.

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@autumnights: Try launching GeoWars 2 and play single player with your new profile, but have your friend's profile signed in on a second controller (or instrument controller, etc. if necessary).

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@autumnights: Once you've created a new profile, ensure that both your new profile and your friend's old one are signed in. This should allow you to play any games that he purchased. Content licenses are tied to the console the items were purchased on, but also enable other users to play that content on other consoles as long as the original purchaser is logged in on the same console.

I think. I've never actually had to deal with this stuff. Basically, log in your friend, log in yourself, start up the game using your profile (the important step, achievement-wise), and you should be good to go.

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Oh I see now. It works! Thanks so much :]

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