Favorite game mode?

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What is your favorite game mode? 


In Deadline you have 3 minutes to score as many points as possible. Players are granted an infinite amount of lives but must earn bombs through score based rewards. The downside to infinite lives is that when you are hit, you reset and the enemy sequences seem to restart. The Deadline mode is often compared to that of Pac-Man Champion Edition's Championship Mode, in that it emphasizes efficient scoring and minimal mistakes.


In King you can go into circular zones that will appear randomly on the map.  Once inside you can shoot, but once inside the zone is activated and will soon disappear, forcing you to find another safe zone. Collect Geoms once again to increase you score.  This mode is available in co-op play.


Like Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved this mode gives you three lives and three bombs.  However this mode has changed from the old game.  There are new enemies, along with just being able to use one weapon.  Gravity wells will destroy enemies when they explode.  They also changed the scoring system so that after you get 100,000 points and your extra life and bomb, the next time you receive an extra life or bomb will increase by 10x that amount and continue to multiply until you run out of lives.


In Pacifism you cannot use your weapons, but by moving through gates you can destroy nearby enemies. Successive gate crossing multiplies your score and causes a larger area of effect.


In Waves you must survive the formations of omnidirectional rockets and other various enemies as each formation spawns more quickly and takes up more of the grid. The player has one life and no bombs.


In Sequence, the objective is to survive a gauntlet of 20 designed levels of varying challenges. The player is granted three lives, three bombs and is given 30 seconds to clear each level. Being hit by an enemy will cause you to lose a life and the stage. If time runs out you lose the stage but do not lose any lives or bombs.

Mine would probably be deadline or sequence. 
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Evolved, but I think they're all good modes and I enjoy playing Deadline and Sequence too.

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Sequence, evolved, and deadline are my favorites.

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My favorite is deadline, I like to run against the clock.

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Deadline. It's a nice quick burst and with unlimited lives, you can just play as hard as you can without having to really conserve and so, I find, I play better.

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My favorite is Pacifism...by far. I absolutely love that mode and that's the mode I play more than others.

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Pacifism and waves.

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