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So Geometry Wars 2 has finally arrived.  I just downloaded it, being a big fan of the first, and got a little time with it.  So far I'm liking it, the new scoring system is great, rewarding you multipliers for the length of your games rather than your lives.  The game modes so far seem fun, I'm still unsure if they will have the lasting value of the classic 'evolved', but that mode is still here intact so there are no complaints.  The new enemies add some variety too, which is very welcome.

So what do you guys think?

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Yeah the new scoring is great and so are the new gametypes.  The new enemies add new challenges, like how the orange arrows can travel faster than you.  I just miss the weapon upgrades after every 10,000 points.

#3 Posted by Hannibal (863 posts) -

A few nitpicks:

Clone ships are even more annoying.
Waves is dumb.
The gun takes some getting used to, but I'm, how you say, getting used to it.
Smile is going to be impossible. Yeesh.
At first I didn't like geoms but then when I found myself making suicide runs to try and get more of em I realized how they really added more choice to the gameplay.
The fact that you can't do the whole "circle around and fire behind you" thing anymore is a little annoying but I'll deal with it.

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