Gamertag sharing

#1 Posted by SoSerious (58 posts) -

I don't have anyone on my friends list who has the game, so I figured we could friend up a bit to compare, and challenge each others scores.

My gamertag: VaporishShoe

#2 Posted by DanCarmichael (220 posts) -

gamertag: ManBearPig UK

feel free to add me

#3 Posted by CuoreAzzurro (44 posts) -

Mr Pinocchio feel free to add.. Yeah.. Why doesn't anyone on my friends list have this game!?.. They're all CRAZY.

#4 Posted by Riddler (1528 posts) -

GT- Major Nelson

#5 Posted by HazBazz (1901 posts) -

My gamertag is HazBazz. I don't have the game yet but should be getting some points tomorrow to buy it.

#6 Posted by veto (10 posts) -

GT - Giantbombing

#7 Posted by HazBazz (1901 posts) -
Riddler said:
"GT- Major Nelson"
veto said:
"GT - Giantbombing"
I can see through both of your sneaky tricks
#8 Posted by onceuponamonkey (17 posts) -

Gamertag = knottyboyandall

#9 Posted by GamesWarden (57 posts) -

The GamesWarden

#10 Posted by JimmyJackJones (78 posts) -

Yeah, none of my friends have this either.  It's been lonely on those leaderboards.  It's also been a big self esteem boost to see I'm the best in the modes.  I simultaneously toast myself while weeping in that same beer.

Gamertag = JimmyJackJones. 

#11 Posted by MisterMollusk (399 posts) -


#12 Posted by CynageN (1166 posts) -

Silent Warshade

#13 Posted by albedos_shadow (1485 posts) -


#14 Posted by Systech (4078 posts) -


I really need to find a good way to get rid of the numbers with out adding Xx in it.

#15 Posted by GalvanizedNails (552 posts) -

GalvanizedNails is my GT, i mainly focus on waves usually

#16 Posted by Buck (148 posts) -

Bannaba        -          yeh, thats a gamertag too

I am teh suck atm with this game, never played the original but I love it and would like someone to compare myself too: =)
Feel free to add me.

#17 Posted by CodeHero (134 posts) -

code hero

#18 Posted by cspiffo (869 posts) -

GT:  cspiffo      :^)

#19 Posted by Triumph (10 posts) -

x Why So Godly

#20 Posted by WallacetheGreat (555 posts) -

GT: WallacetheGreat

#21 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

Gamertag: Handsome Dead

#22 Posted by Sumantro (6 posts) -

GT - Sumantro

#23 Posted by vaderbreath (45 posts) -


#24 Posted by DanMC (4 posts) -

GT: Dangalf18

#25 Posted by HoNgKoNgPh0oEy (1481 posts) -

I suck but HoNgKoNgPh0oEy just copy and paste onto

#26 Posted by lvl10Wizard (326 posts) -

Push 82

#27 Posted by bizsumpark182 (361 posts) -


#28 Posted by Weesh (52 posts) -


#29 Posted by Hellscell (34 posts) -

everyone add me

#30 Posted by Raiden (7 posts) -

GT: Vaulker

#31 Posted by al (19 posts) -

Yeah no-one on mine has it too i was going to create a thread but i saw you did great thanx!!!!!

MY G.T Skittles Dude

#32 Posted by Player1 (3921 posts) -
Riddler said:
"GT- Major Nelson"
lol I wonder how many people actually noticed that. 
#33 Posted by KeganBL (25 posts) -

GT: Gordy Lightfoot 
Just got the game yesterday, and I'm second on most of the friends leaderboards, which means I need more competition :)
#34 Posted by merlin99biy (1 posts) -

feel free to add me if you want, my gamertag: merlin biy

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