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I know it's a little early to be asking, but does anyone know if the music will ever be available for download or if anyone could rip it or something? I've been humming the Deadline music all day and i'd kill a man and his wife to get it on my iPod.

#2 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (4212 posts) -

I'm sure at one point it will be available.  All you'd need to do is have a way to capture game audio to your PC, and then just turn the sound FX volume all the way down.

#3 Posted by SoSerious (71 posts) -

If I remember it correctly, I like the Sequence music the best. It's so fast-paced, and energetic.

#4 Posted by DanCarmichael (233 posts) -

Ive noticed that during sequence only certain parts of the music will kick in when you get to different stages.

Also deadline has great music.

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You play deadline too much.

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