Near Perfect Arcade action yet one thing missing.........

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Having just jumped on the GW Bandwagon (please excuse me for that one) I'm sure this has come up before with the first edition, but surely being able to upload recordings of Deadline matches etc would rule All.  Love to see the 63Mill top score on youtube. 

Pacman Champ Ed. uses them perfectly & GW2 would be pretty much perfect with them added.

My 2 Cents on a highly addictive game.

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I completely agree.  What gives Bizarre?

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I wanted a statistic system, where it shows which enemies killed you the most, longest time alive etc.

#4 Posted by HoNgKoNgPh0oEy (1476 posts) -
Shawn said:
"I wanted a statistic system, where it shows which enemies killed you the most, longest time alive etc.

I agree considering that was our idea. I also want average score. But you get the point full statistics
#5 Posted by RobDaFunk (424 posts) -

Surely in these days of Tivo & Sky+ etc this feature wouldn't be too hard to implement.  Plus we could upload vids to LIVE for all to see.

Can't see it happening in a patch tho....more likely a feature for GW3.... :(

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God damn the record is 63 million on deadline *faints*. Yes, I would love to see how he got 63 million myself. They should  of added a reply saving system for only the top 10 on each mode.

#7 Posted by DanCarmichael (233 posts) -

I'd imagine a replay of a match from someone at the top of the leaderboards would be pretty damn long though.

Maybe that's an issue.

#8 Posted by SolemnOaf (548 posts) -

It's weird, I also thought that the game was missing a replay, even though I hardly ever use it in other games.  It lacks a culmulative score, as well.

#9 Posted by Peter_J (159 posts) -

Oh well, I'm just happy with what I've got.

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