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#1 Posted by Toseph (370 posts) -

Deadline: 1,619,915
King: 1,833,530
Evolved: 3,005,060
Pacifism: 110,209,700
Waves: 1,628,915
Sequence: 3,923,235

#2 Edited by Met2609 (555 posts) -

Deadline: 2,561,590
King: 1,058,005
Evolved:: 4,609,490
Pacifism: 6,026,700
Waves: 1,242,450
Sequence: 22,197,840

EDIT: And about a minute after posting this, I got 6,026,700 on Pacifism

#3 Posted by Riddler (1528 posts) -

i suck at pascifism..... :(

#4 Posted by Jolly_Lolly (3537 posts) -

I'm SO pissed because I got 4,335,000 in deadline on the trial demo, but now that I have the actual game, I can't even reach 3,000,000 >_<

#5 Posted by Hannibal (863 posts) -

Deadline: 5 mil + a little
King: I don't remember but over a mil
Evolved: At least 28 mil. Might have been 35
Pacifism: A little over 10 mil
Waves: I don't remember. At least a mil
Sequence: 32 mil I think.

#6 Posted by Manks (836 posts) -

Deadline: 1,817,450
King: 1,211,145
Evolved: 3,339,090
Pacifism: 1,236,350
Waves: 1,125,500
Sequence: 6,489,390

#7 Posted by Harknett (133 posts) -

Deadline: 1,227,405
King: 1,555,125
Evolve: 9,474,510
Pacifism: 16,903,400
Waves: 1,396275
Sequence: 4,038,510

Have only put any real time into Pacifism. Waves is a ton of fun too but super frustrating. Add me to your XBL list if you want to keep track of scores.

#8 Posted by Manks (836 posts) -

Update to my scores:

I just beat my highscores in Pacifism and Sequence. 

Pacifism: Now 3,298,725
Sequence: Now 9,796,510

Harknett I'll add you on XBL if you don't mind.

#9 Posted by Jolly_Lolly (3537 posts) -

yeah if you guys want my GT is digital447. post yours and ill be happy to add :)

#10 Posted by MrJared (398 posts) -

Deadline: 10,805,110
Evolved: 27,770,720
Sequence: 43,511,975

Those are the ones I'm focusing on at least. I've got a ways to go ;____;

#11 Posted by Hannibal (863 posts) -

I got 35 mil in pacifism! :D

#12 Posted by Harknett (133 posts) -

GT is Harknett, anyone who wants to add can go ahead.

#13 Posted by KindGalaxy (429 posts) -

Yeah, was just going to go with Harknett on this, add your Gamertag and see highscores in the game to compare to, mine,


#14 Posted by Jackel2072 (2261 posts) -

Oh man how does one get to 27 mill? I guess just a lot of practice. Evolved gets so nuts after awhile i start to feel over whelmed.
Dead Line 2,909,020
King: 1,670,660
Evolved: 6,173,965
Pacifism: 523,350
Waves: 906,915
Sequence: 5,139,730

#15 Edited by DanCarmichael (220 posts) -

Deadline : 8,577,300
King : 2,093,130
Evolved : 40,027,415 :)
Pacifism : 2,638,650
Waves : 3,129,930
Sequence : 35,836,985

Add me to friends if you want to keep track and compare. XBL: ManBearPig UK

#16 Edited by Jackel2072 (2261 posts) -

Oh man im pissed. I just got almost 10 mill in evolved and because my stupid damn hick internet disconnected (like it always) i lost connection with XBL and  my score. it went back to 7 mill. I am really really pissed!

#17 Posted by OlDrtyBstrd (112 posts) -
So I still suck at the game...which means I won't post my scores yet...
But if you want to's my gamertag: Lipps Inc
#18 Posted by CB (116 posts) -

I'll add some of you guys. GT is CBolts if anyone wants to add later.

#19 Posted by SolemnOaf (535 posts) -

all i got is the demo, but my deadline score is 14,565, 585.  so i came here just to brag, i'm going to have to get points soon.  can't stop rocking the board.

#20 Posted by kmdrkul (3476 posts) -

Man I stink at this game just by looking at these scores :*(

All my scores are in the 1.0-2.0 million range

#21 Posted by Shawn (3825 posts) -

Deadline:  3,253,460
King: 1,145,620
Evolved: 24,081,810
Pacifism: 10,355,675
Waves: 2,381,505
Sequence: 32,273,085

Yeah, I'm pretty good :p

#22 Posted by KiLL3r (100 posts) -

Deadline- 9 Million
King-2 Million
Evolve-19 Million
Pacifism-77 Million
waves-2 Million
Sequence- 8 Million

#23 Posted by IPenguinI (35 posts) -

Deadline - 13 million
King - 6 million
Evolve - 221 million
Pacefism - 240 million
Waves - 5 million
Sequence - 80 million

#24 Edited by piecat (384 posts) -

I don't remember the exact numbers, but its something like:

Deadline- 8 million
King- 2 million
Evolve- 28 million
Pacifism- 31 million
Waves- 2 million
Sequence- 27 million\

My GT is Eric1221. Feel free to add me if you want to compare scores.

#25 Posted by Jolly_Lolly (3537 posts) -

Wow I suck compared to some of you guys >.>

#26 Posted by nocode81 (10 posts) -

People...People.....add me to your friends list.  Not one person on my FL has this game, and half the fun is trying to get to the top of your leader board.  Well I'm at the top of mine, but nobody else even has a score.  It's sad anyway, add me!  My tag is nocode81

#27 Posted by KiLL3r (100 posts) -
KiLL3r said:
"Deadline- 9 Million
King-2 Million
Evolve-19 Million
waves-2 Million
Sequence- 8 Million
I beat my old Pacifism record.
#28 Posted by Balls (525 posts) -

i got pretty high in cod4 once i dunno remember the score but its probably really high.

#29 Edited by John (828 posts) -

My best score for me this far has been in Sequence. 66,189,340 (ranking as of this moment 217). What's funny is that I didn't even try that hard because I was going for the smile. Hate that achievement!

#30 Posted by IPenguinI (35 posts) -
IPenguinI said:
"Deadline - 13 million
King - 6 million
Evolve - 221 million
Pacefism - 240 million
Waves - 5 million
Sequence - 80 million"
its about 9 million on waves now.
#31 Posted by DeadDog (5 posts) -

I need some scores to compare to, so I added everyone that gave there's. My scores are so-so. Pacifism being my best with 98mil. And add my gt if you'd like: x dead dog x

#32 Posted by Harknett (133 posts) -

This has been great inspiration heh
I was ahead of everyone on my list until some Bomb members added me and put me to shame. The game is a lot more fun when you have someone to try to catch up to.

#33 Posted by bizsumpark182 (361 posts) -

Deadline: 2,267,730
King: 1,466,130
Evolved: 1,958,770
Pacifism: 28,644,550
Waves: 1,482,875
Sequence: 1,095,525

#34 Edited by GamesWarden (59 posts) -

just DLoaded  this, so absolute crap

but add me

The GamesWarden

#35 Posted by SolemnOaf (535 posts) -

my deadline score is around 24 million i think, which puts me at spot #147 on the leaderboards
in evolved it's a little over 55 million.  I drop down in rank a little each day but then usually try to retake several hundred positions in order to make up for it.   

#36 Posted by xv0id (61 posts) -

I suck, but that was my 1st time playing Geometry Wars.
#37 Posted by Peter_J (151 posts) -

How long have you guys been playing geometry wars to get this good?

#38 Edited by RichLee (62 posts) -

GamerTag - Cask 23  I'd like some people to compete against....

Deadline:  11,175,950
King: 6,039,515
Evolved: 56,445,975
Pacifism: 56,896,425
Waves: 3,114,375
Sequence: 70,702,025

#39 Posted by RichLee (62 posts) -
#40 Posted by GiantEnemyCrab (21 posts) -

Deadline: 4,661,035
King: 2,951,250
Evolved: 26,306,690
Pacifism: 22,971,350
Waves: 2,112,690
Sequence: 59,604,170

Gamertag is 'its madness'
add me if you want to compare scores. Barely anyone on my friends list has the game, heh.

#41 Posted by Peter_J (151 posts) -
#42 Edited by BranDong (238 posts) -
#43 Posted by nasie (126 posts) -

1 MILLION DOLLARS, oh wait...

#44 Posted by NoDeath (798 posts) -
#45 Posted by Dooops (227 posts) -

I have a scored of 845 000 000 ish in Pacifism. Ranked 260ish with that score. I continue to try and beat that score and reach a rank of 1st place. I seem to be stuck at 845million though, although I know I can surpass it...

#46 Posted by jpe (48 posts) -

Pacifism - 769,574,350

#47 Posted by Djeffers03 (2545 posts) -
@jpe: You been following the youtube CoD commentators perhaps?
#48 Posted by jpe (48 posts) -
@Djeffers03:  Excuse my naivety, but I don't know what you're talking about.
#49 Posted by Djeffers03 (2545 posts) -
@jpe: Haha, no worries. It's just a coincidence that you posted your pacifism score at the same time that a number of big Call of Duty youtube uploaders were battling to get the highest score on the same gametype. If your interested then search for Hutch, Tejbz or Sam5000. There's also a bunch of others doing it and at the moment the highest score is 3 billion by fps kyle.
#50 Posted by Soapy86 (2622 posts) -

The only scores I pay attention to are Deadline (11,000,000) and Evolved (27,000,000). Not my exact scores obviously, but they're pretty close.

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