#1 Posted by Hannibal (863 posts) -

How do you get this? I swear I got 5 gates in like 3 seconds and got nothing

#2 Posted by BinaryDragon (638 posts) -

you have to have at least one every second

#3 Posted by SlimDogg (159 posts) -

Yeah i  swear that i have had 5 in only a few seconds. But I guess not. =(

#4 Posted by MildlyPsycho (77 posts) -

I got it as I was going for the wax on and wax off achievements.  As you get into later runs in Pacifist their are so many gates that you get the achievement super quick.

#5 Posted by Perfect_Winter (50 posts) -

You need to wait until the gates are pretty close together, the hardest part is not hitting the little edges of the gates that kill you.

#6 Posted by cann3dheat (230 posts) -

Yeah, just do it in Pacifist. Just wait a while until there's a bunch close to each other then run through them.

#7 Posted by Peter_J (151 posts) -

Yeah, it's pretty easy, I got it by accident.

#8 Posted by the9 (95 posts) -
Peter_J said:
"Yeah, it's pretty easy, I got it by accident."
lol me too

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