So..anyone have the Game Over achievement?

#1 Edited by WhySoGodly (37 posts) -

I think this is by far one of the hardest achievements. I thought Wax Off was, because it required luck. Man..beating Sequence makes Wax Off look like the "Press Start" achievements from The Simpsons Game.

#2 Posted by DanCarmichael (233 posts) -

It''s not that hard really. With practice you get to know the different stages and begin to form strategies for each. You also need to be smart about conserving lives and bombs for certain stages. Some stages it might actually be a good tactic to just let the timer run down if it help you reach the end.

#3 Posted by Manks (862 posts) -

Almost had it.  I needed to  beat 4 more squares.  I almost threw my controller, lol. 

#4 Posted by L (1766 posts) -

Seems like a frustrating task.

#5 Posted by DanCarmichael (233 posts) -

It doesn't comes close to some of the achievements on GW1 like surviving a million points.

#6 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (4191 posts) -

So you have to make it through sequence to unlock the achievement, or you have to clear every stage in sequence without failing any?

#7 Posted by DanCarmichael (233 posts) -

You just have to get to the end. When I did it I had died on some and ran out of time on others.

Mind you, at the very end I was really scraping for lives and bombs, I must have had about 1 each left.

#8 Posted by WhySoGodly (37 posts) -

Seems like i'm just not that good..

Oh well, there's plenty of achievements I have gotten where people thought they were hard and I got them easily. Guess I can't be insanely skilled in every game.

#9 Posted by Hannibal (877 posts) -

I reached the end an inch away from death with no lives and no bombs.

#10 Posted by Caddy (319 posts) -

Not yet. I have been on the last batch of levels but didn't manage it. I haven't played it all that much though so perhaps I could do it if I kept at it.

#11 Posted by Jolly_Lolly (3593 posts) -

Does making the timer run out count as proceeding to the next level? Because if it does, couldn't you just do that for all of them?

#12 Posted by DanCarmichael (233 posts) -

Eventually the other stuff will spawn so tthe harder waves do appear no matter what.

That tactic does still help on other stages like the one where millions of black holes keep spawning. I just waited and then just carefully flew around them.

#13 Posted by piecat (403 posts) -

I beat it fairly easily, after a few tries.

#14 Posted by SoSerious (71 posts) -

It took a bit of practice but I made it through without too much frustration. I still can't get the Treaty or Wax Off achievements though. 

#15 Posted by Peter_J (159 posts) -

I can make it to the last line each time I play. Getting closer!

#16 Posted by Royale (185 posts) -

I finally picked this game up yesterday and after playing for about 2 hours got every achievement except for "game over" and "smile".  I got to the second to last stage in sequence and am confident that I will be able to complete it soon... but smile is going to take nerves of steel.

#17 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3448 posts) -

I play crazy amounts of this game but I can't get this fucking thing.

#18 Posted by Gamer_152 (14278 posts) -

I've played tons of Geometry Wars 2 and although I've come close to getting this achievement quite a lot of times I've never actually got it, but it's possible that this is just due to a lack of skill on my part. Compared to 'Smile' however, this achievement looks like nothing.


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